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8/30 SUPER SPRINTS 25 Laps

Once again the weather was great for the final sprint car show of the year at Tri-City. With 1500 dollars up for grabs Brad Ellenberger and Phil Mott led the field to the green with Ellenberger taking the lead and 3rd place starter Ed Lynch Jr taking 2nd from Mott. Then with one lap completed the red flew for Craig Rankin and Gale Ruth who got together in 2 leaving Ruth upside down. Both drivers were ok but done for the night. That put Lynch on Ellenberger's tail for the restart but Ellenberger held him off until lap 5 when the two got behind two lapped cars and Ellenberger spun in turn 3 bringing out the yellow.

This gave Lynch control of the race as Brian Ellenberger followed in 2nd. The yellow flew again on lap 11 for Brian Rivers. By lap 13 Jimmy Hawley had worked his way up to 2nd. On lap 14 Hawley got the break he was looking for as the yellow flew one more time for Jason Jacoby. This put Hawley right on Lynch's bumper with no lapped cars between them. But 2nd place was the best Hawley could do as Lynch went unchallenged the rest of the way picking up his 3rd win of the weekend in his Kriner powered J & J. they were followed by Brian Ellenberger, Bob Felmlee, and Phil Mott completed the top five.

HEAT WINNERS: Bob Felmlee, Jimmy Hawley

PIT NOTES: New sprint cars on hand were Ed Etzel in the 151 and Tommy Marshall in the 15. That's all for this year hope to see ya next season. Thanks.


It was another great night for racing at Tri-City Speedway as the Sprint cars took to the track led by James Wray and Phil Mott. Wray took the early lead with Craig Rankin right behind him until lap 3 when Mike Sub made contact with the outside wall in turn 2 and brought out the red flag. On the restart Rankin continued to challenge Wray for the lead until Rankin got high in turn 2 getting sideways and collecting the 4th place car of Brian Elenberger. On the next restart it was Wray again taking control of the race but 12th place starter Jimmy Hawley was up to 5th place, and on lap 9 he got by Mott for 2nd.

On lap 11 Wray and Hawley entered traffic and on lap 12 Hawley was able to drive by Wray in turn 4 and check out. When the checker flew Hawley had almost a half track lead as he took victory. Wray held on for 2nd followed by Phil Mott, Jason Jacoby, and Bob Felmlee rounded out the top 5.
HEAT WINNERS: Brad Ellenberger, Todd Bauer

8/16 SUPER SPRINTS 20 Laps+make up feature

The rain stayed away this week as Tri-City was able to complete two sprint car features. The regular feature was a wild one to say the least! James Wray and Phil Mott made up the front row as the field took the green. Wray jumped into the early lead and assumed control of the race. Then on lap 4 the first caution flew for Dave Wagner who spun in 2. On the restart it was Wray with Brad and Brian Ellenberger right behind him. Then one lap later Rod Stoup caught the wheel of Jason Jacoby sending Stroup into a wild series of flips in turn 1, Brian Staph also got upside down trying to avoid the wreck.

When the action resumed Brian Ellenberger wasted no time getting by Brad and then on lap 8 he drove by Wray for the lead. Brian had built a sizeable lead in just 2 laps and looked to be on his way to victory until lap 10 when he stopped with a flat tire ending his run. That gave control back to Wray who held off 2nd place Bob Felmlee on two restarts and looked to be on his way to win #2 until he lost his steering on lap 17 in turns 1 and 2 sending him into the wall and ending his night. Felmlee was in the right place at the right time as he held off hard charging Craig Rankin who came from 19th starting spot, for the win. they were followed by Phil Mott, Jason Jacoby, and Gale Ruth Jr. completed the top five.

HEAT WINNERS: Brad Ellenberger, Bob Felmlee

In the make up feature James Wray led the first 6 laps, until Bob Felmlee drove by him and opened up a half track lead to win it easy as the race went green to checker.

FINISH: BOB FELMLEE, Craig Rankin, Brad Ellenberger, James Wray, Jason Jacoby, Rocky Allen, Kevin Andrusky, Brian Staph, Gale Ruth Jr, Todd Bauer

PIT NOTES: The car count was back up this week with 20 cars on hand. Only 2 sprint car races left this year at Tri-City.


After an hour rain delay, Under dark skies, Tri-City decided to run the pure stock feature first this week. This allowed the Sprints to complete one lap of their feature before the rains came again, washing out the rest of the racing program. James Wray was the leader when the rains came. Next week will be double features, No rainchecks.

HEAT WINNERS: Jason Jacoby, Craig Rankin


Once again the sun shined down on Tri-City Speedway as the weather was perfect for racing. The Sprint Car feature was led to the green by Brad Ellenberger and Skip Dougherty, with Ellenbeger grabing an early lead. That was erased on lap 2 when Todd Bauer spun in turn 2 collecting Gale Ruth. On the restart Ellenberger was able to hold on to the lead only until lap 4 when Bob Felmlee drove under him in one and took comand of the race.

The final caution flew on lap 5 for Brian Ellenberger and Dougherty when they got together and spun in turn 3. In the meantime Jimmy Hawley was quietly moving through the field from his 11th place starting position. By lap 8 he had moved to 2nd place. It wasn't until lap 11 when Felmlee entered traffic that Hawley was able to close the gap. Hawley actually passed Felmlee for the lead on lap 13 and again on lap 15 but couldnt make it stick. After getting through the traffic Felmlee looked as he was going to hold on for the win as he was able to keep a little distance between him and Hawley on the open track.

But Hawley wouldn't give up. On the last lap going into turns 1 and 2 Hawley dove low and put a beautiful slide job on Felmlee as he went high in 2 and took the lead to hold on for his 2nd win of the week in the John Crawford cIII. Felmlee was forced to settle for 2nd, followed by Brad Ellenberger, James Wray and rounding out the top 5 was Rod Stroup in the Love's Auto Body #21.

HEAT WINNERS: Bob Felmlee, James Wray

PIT NOTES: Les Myers was driving the Nathan Dallas #19 sprinter again and flipped it in the heat race. He was a DNS for the feature. Rod Stroup was the only new Sprint Car. Bob Felmlee is suppose to be bringing out a new car next Sunday that he will be taking to Knoxville.

7/26 SUPER SPRINTS 20 Laps

It was another great night for racing as the Sprint Cars took to the track for the feature on Christmas in July night at Tri-City Speedway. Phil Mott and Brian Ellenberger led the field to the green as Ellenberger jumped into the early lead with Mott second and Gale Ruth third. Ellenberger was really hooked up as he had built a straitaway lead by lap five.

Then just when it looked like Ellenberger was going to cruise to his first victory of the season the car lost power going into three and came to a stop bringing out the first caution of the race. This turned the race over to Phil Mott who had Ruth, Bauer and Ed Lynch Jr behind him. Lynch quickley got by Ruth and Bauer and then powered by Mott on the backstretch on lap nine.

The final caution flew on lap 17 for Andy McKisson who came to a hault in turn four. The next restart allowed Felmlee to get by Mott for second but nobody had anything for Lynch as he picked up the hat-trick by winning his third race of the weekend. Felmlee padded his point lead by finishing second followed by Mott, Daryl Stimeling, and coming from 13th starting spot was Jimmy Hawley in the Savoy #96.

HEAT WINNERS: Jimmy Hawley, Ed Lynch Jr.

PIT NOTES: The only cars from Sharon trying there luck were Andy McKisson, Gary Edwards, and Dave Penezich. Johnny Beaber was in the pits giving Dan Leech and hand with his Beaberbuilt 1B. Until next week......


It was a great night for racing as the Sprint Cars took to the track for their 20 lap feature event. Dan Leech drew the pole position along with James Wray on the outside front row.

Wray wasted no time taking command of the race as he was being chased by Brad Ellenberger and Craig Rankin. As the race continued Rankin and Ellenberger traded 2nd a few times with Ellenberger able to hold on for good. Then by lap 12 Bob Felmlee was able to work his way through the pack and began to battle with Rankin. While these two were fighting for 3rd Ellenberger was able to close on Wray but he couldn't get by him.

Then as the white flag flew Felmlee clipped the lap car of Todd Bauer in turn 3 and collected 4th place Rankin bringing out the yellow. Felmlee and Rankin were able to continue and tail the field. This gave Brad Ellenberger one last shot at Wray, but Wray had no problem holding off Ellenberger for his first win of the season in his R&S Electronics, World of Wheels #24. Brad Ellenberger rode home 2nd followed by his brother Brian Ellenberger, "The Jet" Jamie Smith and Phil Mott.

HEAT WINNERS; Brad Ellenberger, Jason Jacoby

PIT NOTES: Tom Quarterson was leading his heat unitl the motor went sour and he was a DNS for the feature. Next week should see a strong field of sprints as Sharon will not be running them.


With sunny skies, and a great racing surface Tri-City was able to run off their Mid-Season Championship race for the sprints with no problem.

The feature was lined up by points so this put point leader Bob Felmlee and Brad Ellenberger on the front row. At the drop of the green it was all Felmlee as he opened a lead and began to drive away. Until lap 9 when third place Craig Rankin came to a hault and tagged the outside gaurdral on the back stretch, and was unable to continue, bringing out the first caution.

On the restart Felmlee once again resumed control of the race, while 9th place starter Jimmy Hawley was working his way through the pack. Then on lap 15 the yellow flew again as James Wray blew a tire coming down the front stretch. On the restart Felmlee again took contol of the race with Brad and Brain Ellenberger behind him and Hawley a distant 4th.

Then on the final lap Brad Ellenberger blew a tire coming down the frontstretch. Then on the next restart Braian Ellenberger, with no brakes was run into the wall by Sheila Rankin. All that set up a two lap shoot-out between Hawley and Felmlee as they were bumper to bumper on the lap 25 restart, but Felmlee was able to hold off the charges of Hawley to record his 3rd win of the season at the track in the 27 lap feature, and pick up the 1500 dollar prize. They were followed to the line by New York's Phil Mott, Gale Ruth Jr, and rounding out the top five was 12th place starter Jason Jacoby.

HEAT WINERS: James Wray, Bob Felmlee

7/5 SUPER SPRINTS 20laps

It was a great night for racing Sunday as 23 Sprint Cars checked in at Tri-City Speedway on this holiday weekend.

Feature time saw 18 cars take the green with Jimmy Hawley and Brian Ellenberger on the front row. As the green dropped Hawley got out in front, but Ellenberger was able to get by Hawley at the completion of the first lap. After that Ellenberger started to open up a lead until lap 2 when the yellow flew for James Wray who spun in turn two and collected Mike Shear.

After another yellow for Phil Mott who spun in turn three on the lap 2 restart it was all Hawley as he got by Ellenberger on the next restart and never looked back as the feature went green for the next 18 laps.Brian Ellenberger was able to hold on to second, as Craig Rankin was able to get by Brad Ellenberger in the late stages of the race for third place. Rounding out the top five was 12th place starter Bob Felmlee who was also the last car on the lead lap.

HEAT WINNERS: Brian Ellenberger, Jimmy Hawley

PIT NOTES: New Sprint Cars this week were, Dan Leech in the 1B and Mike Sub in the 78. James Wray had a brand new car out after his flip two weeks ago. Jamie Smith was on hand in his #5 but was a DNF in the feature. Next week is Super Sprint Sunday 25 laps 1500 to win!


On a hot hazy sunday night 21 sprint cars showed up to do battle at the half mile with 19 taking the green for the feature event. Brad Ellenberger and James Wray led the field to the green with Ellenberger grabbing the early lead but Wray was right behind with seventh place starter Bob Felmlee who was up to third after lap one.

Wray contined to knock on the door and actually passed Ellenberger on lap five but couldn't make it stick. They stayed in that order until lap seven when going through lapped traffic John Barlow got sideways in turn three holding up Wray and Ellenberger and allowing Felmlee to take the lead, with Wray in second and Ellenberger third.

In the meantime Ed Lynch who started 12th was working his way through the pack and took second from Wray on lap nine. Then on lap thirteen in heavy traffic Wray started a series of violent flips on the back stretch and finally landed near the pit entrance, he was ok, the car was not ok.

On the restart Felmlee had two lapped cars between him and Lynch and that allowed him to once again take control of the race, until lap 16 when the yellow flew for Barlow who spun in turn two. On the next restart it was Felmlee and Lynch nose to tail. This time Lynch had too much for Felmlee as he drove by him in turn two and opened up a comfortable lead.

Lynch looked to be on his way to victory until coming down the backstretch on the last lap his car broke and started to slow handing the lead to Felmlee for his second victory of the year at Tri-City. He was followed across the line by Craig Rankin in the Guzzo77, third was Brad Ellenberger, fourth went to Phil Mott, and Lynch just coasted across the line for fifth.

HEATS: Brad Ellenberger, Ed Lynch


Mother nature decided it was time to go racing at Tri-City Speedway this sunday night as the rain held off and a strong field of 39 sprinters filled the pits.

Feature time saw an invert four which put Ed Lynch Jr. and Kenny Jacobs on the front row. As the green dropped Jacobs wasted no time jumping out front. Jacobs had a comfortable lead as Shepard battled with Lynch and took the second spot on lap eight.

Then on lap ten as Jacobs continued to battle lap traffic Shepard closed and was bumper to bumper with Jacobs. By lap twenty Lynch had joined the two and it became a three car battle for the lead. But just as things were getting interesting the yellow flew for Dean Jacobs who slowed to a stop on the back straigt.

On the restart Jacobs got a good jump and looked to be on his way to victory until lap twenty-four when Jason Jacoby fipped in turn one and brought out the red. This time Shepard didn't let Jacobs get away as they raced side by side down the front stretch with Shepard taking the lead for good on lap tenty-five a cruising the rest of the way for his second all-star win in a row.

The win was worth 5000 dollars and also gave Shepard the point championship for the rain-shortend Speeweek. Jacobs held on for second, and Lynch held off a hard charging Fred Rahmer for third, with Joey Saldana finishing fifh.Rounding out the top ten were: Tim Shaffer, Keith Kauffman, Kevin Gobrect, Frankie Kerr, and Jimmy Hawley.

Dash: K. Jacobs, Lynch, Shepard, Saldana, Kauffman, Kerr

B-MAIN: Fred Rahmer

HEAT 1: Shepard, Kauffman, Gobrect

HEAT 2: Saldana, Wray, Woodring

HEAT 3: K. Jacobs, Shaffer, D. Jacobs

HEAT 4: J. Smith, Hawley, Lynch


"The Apollo Rocket" smoked the field as led all twenty laps of the non-stop sprint car feature Sunday night in his J&J Kriner Motors #2L for his second win in as many nights..

Fifteen cars took the green with Ed Lynch Jr. on the pole flagged on the outside by James Wray. Lynch jumped out to the early lead and never looked back. Lynch entered lap traffic by lap five and continued to dominate, as by the end of the race Lynch had a half lap lead, with only four cars finishing on the lead lap. Lynch was followed to the line by Cooperstown's James Wray, current point leader and 12th place starter Bob Felmlee, fourth was Butler's Brian Ellenberger, and rounding out the top five was Brad Ellenberger.


Bobby Clark and Mike Shear were involved in a heat race accident that sent both cars flipping and done for the night. Craig Rankin brought out a brand new Maxim for the evening's action but broke in the feature.

HEAT WINNERS: Bob Felmlee, Craig Rankin

5/30 RAIN...


Jimmy Hawley came from dead last,endured eight cautions, and a fuel stop to win his second feature of the year at Tri-City Speedway.

Phil Mott and Craig Rankin led the seventeen car field to the green with Rankin taking the early advantage. But fourth starter Bob Felmlee was close behind, on lap five Rankin entered traffic and Felmlee closed within a car length, until lap seven when Shear spun in turn one.

That was all Felmlee needed as he drove by Rankin on the restart and drove away. It looked as if Felmlee was going to run and hide until Brian Ellenberger spun in turn two and brought out the yellow once again.That set up another restart. This time Felmlee bobbled and collected Hawley, as Felmlee ended upside down ending his chance at a repeat. Hawley was able to make repairs and tail the field.

That gave the lead back to Craig Rankin. With cautions on laps 11, 13, and 15 both Ellenberger and Hawley had charged from the tail of the field back to the front. After a fuel stop on lap 19 and another caution on lap twenty, Hawley finally got by race leader Rankin and opened a comfortable lead while Rankin and Ellenberger battled side by side for second. Then on lap 23 Gary Rankin left the ballpark as he went flipping out over the fence in turn two and in the trees, he was ok. During the red second place car Craig Rankin went to the pits and was done for the night.

After that it was all Hawley as he held on for his second 1500 dollar victory at the Franklin oval. Finishing second all the way from last was Brian Ellenberger,followed by Tommy Quarterson, Kevin Andrusky, and rounding out the top five was Brad Ellenberger.

Heat: Bobby Clark, James Wray


Twenty-two sprint cars checked in Sunday night at Tri-City to do battle on a very dry, slick race track. Twenty cars started the feature with pole-sitter Kevin Andrusky and Brad Ellenberger leading them to the green. Before lap one was completed third place starter Bob Felmlee took control of the race. On lap two the yellow flew for Ellenberger who lost control and went spinning in turn three.

On the restart Felmlee once again checked out and opened up a comfortable lead with Craig Rankin and Jamie Smith following. The caution flew again on lap five for Sheila Rankin and Andrusky who spun in turn one and two, and again on lap six for Troy Preston who spun in turn two. But on each restart Felmlee had no problem dealing with Rankin as he continued dominate the race.

On lap eleven Felmlee entered lap traffic for the first time in the race but nobody was coming close. On the last lap the yellow flew again for Mike Shear who spun in turn three and again for a spinning Brian Staph in turn one. After that it was all Felmlee and he lead every lap in his World of Wheels, Car-Mate Trailer #6. Bill Jones made a late race charge as he passed fourth place finisher Jamie Smith and third place finsher Craig Rankin on the last lap to finish second, rounding out the top five was sixteenth starter Gary Rankin.

Six thru tenth were Jason Jacoby, James Wray, Gale Ruth, Bruce Powell, and J.J. Ketola.

Heats: J.J. Ketola, Bob Felmlee

5/10 All-Star sprints 30 laps

Under gray skies Tri-City was able to complete their second show, and first of two All-Star shows of the year.

With Bobby Clark, Skip Dougherty, Ed Lynch Jr, and Scott Bonnell scratching before feature time that left a twenty car field to battle on the dry, slick track for the 4000 dollar victory.

An invert four put Frankie Kerr and Joey Saldana on the front row. As soon as the green dropped Saldana jumped out front with a quick challenge from fourth starter Jeff Shepard. After that Saldana opened a comfortable lead with Shepard in second. Then on lap 12 the yellow dropped for turn 2 spin victims Gale Ruth and Judi Bates. That opened the door for Kenny Jacobs to take second place from Shepard on the next restart.

After the restart Saldana opened up another lead and wasn't really challenged the rest of the race unitl the final lap when lapped traffic brought the 94 of Jacobs within less than a car length, but he couldn't get around as Saldana hung on for the win in his Mox Motorsports #17. He was followed to the line by Kenny Jacobs, fast-timer Jeff Shepard, Dean Jacobs, and eleventh place starter Keith Kauffman.

Fast Time: Jeff Shepard (NTR)

Heat 1: Keith Kauffman, Ed Lynch, Mike Woodring

Heat 2: Judi Bates, Kenny Jacobs, Scott Jones

Heat 3: Kevin Huntley, Craig Rankin, Joey Saldana

Dash: Saldana, Kerr, Shepard, D. Jacobs, K. Jacobs, Bates

Feature: Saldana, K. Jacobs, Shepard, D. Jacobs, Kauffman, Kerr, Huntley, Woodring, Hawley, Quarterson

5/3 Super Sprint Sunday 25 laps

Arnie Kent and Ed Lynch Jr. led the 24 car field to the green and just as quick Lynch jumped into the lead. Before the first lap was completed third place starter Jimmy Hawley was challenging Lynch. Hawley was all over Lynch until lap three when eleventh place starter Scott Bonnel fliped softly in turn three bringing out the red.

Once the field was restarted Lynch opened up a commanding lead and never looked back,, Until lap 21 when Lynch's 2L lost power coming out of turn two. Lynch had run out of fuel. That handed the race to Jimmy Hawley who cruised to the 1500 dollar victory. Hawley was followed to the line by Tommy Quarterson,tenth place starter Bob Felmlee,defending track champiion Bobby Clark,and Brian Ellenberger rounded out the top five.

Heat winners: Jimmy Hawley, Bobby Clark, Bob Felmlee

B-Main: Ralph Spithaler

4/26 RAIN...

4/19 RAIN.....

4/11 Practice

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