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Driver Profile - Bruce Robenalt


Car Number - 98
Birthday - 10-20-72
Hometown - Tiffin, Ohio
Marital Status - Divorced
Children - 2, a daughter Barbra 10 and a son Robert 8
Occupation - Mechanical Engineer
Hobbies - Go-cart racing with my son
Favorite Restaurant - Outback Steak House
Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Music - 80's rock n roll
Favorite Artist - Metalica
Favorite Track - The New Fremont Speedway
Started Racing - We ran our first 6 races in 1995
Chassis - Eagle
Motor - Chevy
Website -
Sponsors - MLS Systems, Stineys 3 Oaks Tavern, Rosenblatt Titan Steel, Just Ruthi (long time family friend), Dr. Jeffery Hoyda Dentistry, Big Jac (my Aunt), Loctite, Kears Speed Shop, Welker Bearing Company, E Systems, & The 98 Fund
Crew Members - Rob Robenalt Crew Chief, Chad Hartzell Mechanic, Ken Walker Tire Man, Robert Robenalt, Lou Foos, Steve Hartzell, & Beardy (Chris)
Career Highlights - Competing in 3 Allstar features and finishing 5th in the Tommy Heins wingless challenge in 1998
Career Lowlights - Basically the whole 1999 season, we crashed in the first turn of the first lap of the first night out at Attica. That was possibly the high light of the 99 season.
Goals for the 2001 season - To get our first win
Future GoalsTo be a full time racer
If you weren't racing what would you be doing? - Probably being lazy

How long have you been interested in racing, and how did you get started racing yourself?

I was born a racers son, as a kid we went to the races every weekend mom, dad, Sis and myself. My dad and uncle had a dirt late model in the late 70's and we began go-cart racing in the 80's so I guess that was when I got started driving.

Who has had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

That would defiantly have to be my dad! He has always wanted to be in racing full time so we have always talked about racing and he has been the car owner and crew chief since the go-cart days!

Where do you see Sprint Car racing in Ohio at five years from now?

That is a tough question. I hope it is bigger and better than ever. But the way promoters are and the way purses seem to be dropping in most parts of the state it doesn't look good for the 410's on a local level. However north west Ohio and the traveling series will get stronger as corporate people realize what an advertising value sprint cars really are.

How did you get the #98 on your Sprint Car?

98 was the number on my dads go cart in the sixties and on the late model back in the late 70's, we kept that number for the go-cart so when we started racing sprints it was automatically 98.

Do you plan on staying in Sprint Cars, or do you have plans of moving to another division?

Well I want to drive dirt sprint cars full time some day but I would love to try some asphalt sprint car racing some time!