2000 Year in Review
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2000 Year in Review

Welcome to my "Year in Review" for 2000.

2000 was a pretty good year for me as I saw 104 races at 25 different tracks, of the 104 races 99 were Sprint car Races. The Sprint Car Races I saw included Lots of Pa Posse, All-Stars, NRA, WoO, KARS, BOSS, USAC, URDC, WoO2, and ESS. Some of the things that made up the 2000 season include. 2000 would be the last year for the famous covered grandstands at Port Royal Speedway. The new Sprint Car series ASCOF was over before it began. The ASCOC scheduled continued to shrink. It was another season of low Sprint Car counts at Tri-City Speedway. It was another dominating year for Fred Rahmer and Al Hamilton. Tommy Hein had a couple good wingless races this season. Despite some great racing it was another troubled season for Selinsgrove Speedway. It was even a worse season for the Sprint Cars at Clinton County Speedway as they closed thier doors after just two races. It was the last year the ASCOC would visit Lernerville Speedway. Sprint Cars returned to Bedford Speedway and was a success. Now here is a list of the best and worst that I have seen this year.

Best races of the year: Aprit 1st at Lincoln Speedway when Dave Ely out raced Fred Rahmer for the win. August 7th at Port Royal Speedway when Lance DeWease came from last for the win. September 17th at Selinsgrove Speedway when Fred Rahmer beat Todd Shaffer by an inch, maybe 2. July 27th at Williams Grove when Lance Dewease and the Pa Posse made a it a clean sweep against Ted Johnson's wobblies by winning the heats, dash and 1-2-3 in the feature.
Worst ran race of the year: No contest here The Sharon Nationals, The second night was probably the worst run show I have ever seen!
Biggest Disapointments of the year: Driving 4.5 hours to Williams Grove Speedway for the Triple 20's only to have the show cancelled because of cloudy weather, The cancellation of the All-Star race at Cannonball Speedway
Longest Night of the year: The first WoO2 race at Williams Grove Speedway after a Long rain delay I ended up getting home around 9 the next morning.
Most Entertaining Announcer: The new announcer at Challenger Raceway has some interesting lines.
Best Victory Lane Interview: Bruce Ellis
Best Victory Lane Interview (Driver): Fast Freddie Rahmer, March 19th, The Bev Thompson interview.
Quickest Run Shows of the Year: Attica Raceway
Slowest Run Shows of the Year: Regular shows at Lernerville Speedway.
Smallest Crowd of the Year: The Second WoO2 at Lernerville Speedway
Photographer of the Year:Tommy Hein, who else?
Sponser of the year: TW Metals
Most Entertaining Driver to Talk To: Skip Dougherty Sprint Car #27
Most entertaining Car Owner to talk to: Rob Robenalt owner of the 98 driven by Bruce Robenalt.
Track in the Middle of Nowhere: Shadybowl Speedway in Ohio. Nice track, but have fun trying to find it.
Highest Ticket Prices of the year: East Bay Speedway, Lernerville Speedway's Outlaw Shows a close 2nd.
Most Reasonable Ticket Prices of the Year: Williams Grove Speedway
Best Menu Items of the Year: Cheese Sticks at Wayne County, Hot Dogs at Lernerville Speedway, Pizza at Selinsgrove Speedway
Worst Menu Items of the Year: Pizza at Hagerstown Speedway, The French Fries at Williams Grove,
Best Looking Trophy Girls of the Year: The Pa Posse Sprint Show at New Egypt Speedway
Coldest Race of the Year: The opener at Silver Spring Speedway
Windiest Race of Year The Attica Ambush All-Star Show
Best Track Surfaces of the Year: Lincoln Speedway, The new clay at Williams Grove, East Bay Raceway
Worst Track Surfaces of the Year: Sharon Speedway when they didn't water the track for a month.
Scarriest Wreck of the Year: Cris Eash at Lincoln, and Jeremy Trout at Williams Grove.
My Longest Tow of the Year: East Bay Raceway. Florida
Hot Seat of the Year: The Walt Dyer 461, the Apple Chevrolet 12
Best Looking Car of the Year The Brian Paulus Salad Car , Scott Bonnell's Sherwin Williams #3
Most Improved Driver: Dave Ely
Late Arrivall Award: Andy McKisson
Tough Luck Award: Scott Priester, Skip Jackson, Rob Eyler
Fastest Track of the Year: Port Royal Speedway (Dirt), Mansfield (Asphalt)
Comeback Track of the Year: Fremont Speedway
Comeback Drivers of the Year: Eric Rankine, John Ivy
Dissapearing act of the Year: Tyler Walker
New Race Tracks I attended races at in 1999:McKean County Speedway Pa, Lorian County Speedway Oh, East Bay Raceway Fl, Big Diamond Speedway Pa,

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has a safe and good season in 2001!


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