Topics in Early Childhood Education
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Topics in Early Childhood Education

Computers in the Preschool Classroom

As computers play an increasingly prevalent role in today's world, it is important for early childhood educators to carefully evaluate the role of computers in the lives of young children. In many preschool classrooms a computer center may stand beside the block area, the easel and the dramatic play area. In evaluating computer use it is important to consider this in the larger context of a well-planned, developmentally appropriate classroom.

Many early childhood programs are currently involved in making decisions about a computer in the classroom. The decision making process is likely to include these questions: Why do we need a computer in preschool? What will be the teacher's role in facilitating its use?

A computer in preschool...Why?

What is the teacher's role?

A teacher may assume many roles in facilitating the use of the computer in the preschool classroom. She will be the software critic, a parent educator, a coach for the children and more.

"Computers are part of our everyday world, and as such they should be included in the early childhood classroom as objects to explore, manipulate, and understand."
--G. Morgan & D. Shade
Young Children: Active Learners in a Technological Age


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