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Private Solutions

I began this website after my run for State Representative in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. During my unsuccessful bid to unseat an eight-term incumbent, I promoted market-based solutions which did not involve tax money or government sponsorship. "Private Solutions" is a natural outgrowth of that campaign.

Most people may not be aware of market alternatives to many of the problems that face individuals such as poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, unemployment, lack of adequate health care, drug addiction and how voluntary associations can help manage endangered species and the environment through private property ownership.

This site features how individuals can subscribe to a free, special e-mail list, where subscribers can discuss the merits of volunteerism, entrepeneurship, the role of charities, real life stories of individuals who exemplify a spirit of risk taking and personal responsibility, and issues of corporate welfare and privatization. It is also designed to appeal to all free-market advocates, elected officials who want tax reduction, church and non-profit groups, philanthropic organizations, or ordinary people who desire to do extraordinary things.

Maybe there is an individual or group within your community who has made a difference in people's lives without government sponsorship or subsidies. Let's talk about it! Telling their stories will encourage others to do the same. Words are cheap; cliches don't work if unaccompanied by action.

The work of liberty doesn't end on election day. I invite you to explore the practical side of how Liberty works and the innovation and diversity that it brings.

Thank you for making the world a better place to live!

~Gail Mastroberte, RN

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