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Plain Eigo

Japanese Words
Arigatou: Thank you
Ohayo: Good morning
Daijobou ka?: Are you okay?
Daijoubu: I'm okay
Irrashimase: Welcome
Minna: Everyone
Ninmu kanryou: Mission accomplished
Omae o korosu: I'm going to kill you
Kawaii: Cute
Hai: Yes
Iie: No
Gomen/Gomen nasai: I'm sorry
-san: Mr./Mrs.
-sama: Lord/Lady
-chan: [Endearment]
-sensei: Teacher/Doctor
Wan: One
Ni: Two
San: Three
Shi: Four
Owari: It ends [The End]
Oneechan: Big sister
Oniisan: Big brother
Otoutosan: Little brother
Tasukete: Help!
Yare, Yare: Said to indicate defeat;exasperation
Nanda yo-: What the-

Fanfiction Terms
Yaoi: Boys in romantic relationships with each other.
Slight yaoi: Slight Yaoi ^_^
Shounen ai: Boys who love each other (in a romantic way)
Angst: Depressing
Fluff: Cute and lighthearted
Sappy: Syrupy sweet
Light: No serious issues, just fun
Comedy: Intended to be funny
Violence: If blood is drawn
Scary: May be frightening
Deathfic: Somebody dies