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  • I decided to quit being so shy,
    and posted Autumn's Fire, though it's the middle of winter^_^;.
    Keep in mind, I wrote this when I was 10 years old,
    and just thought it deserved a place on my page
    because I remember how proud I was of it.

    ~Autumn's Fire

    Summer is gone like a song on the sky,
    set afloat by angel's fingers.

    I feel very sad though I don't know why;
    with autumn and all it's singers.

    Autumn the season of fire and song,
    when her blood blesses the very stars.

    When the elf and the fey dance all night long,
    and cherish the bloodstone Mars.

    Dancing along the autumn leaf,
    the colors are borrowed from fire.

    Orange as the orangest fairy wreath,
    it reaches the heavens and higher.

    Then there is gold of the boldest kinds,
    found in the core of the sun.

    Then there is red like the blood that binds,
    autumn to her winter son.

    Ta da!

  • This is a little something
    I wrote when
    I was in 6th grade. As an assignment,
    I was to right a poem about a dragon of some kind...

    Its lair--the cracks and crevices of temptation.
    Its carrion the weak and guilty conscience.
    This dragon descends upon you with elation;
    Its silent wings will give you no alarm.

    To those who bear it, it is small and white;
    Its flame a harmless tendril, fleet and wan.
    To those who feel it it's a great black fright;
    Its flame to scorch their trust as black as night.

    This dragon hoards the result of its malice;
    A heap of blackened hearts and frozen tears.
    It drinks the loss that fills its blood red chalice
    Of those betrayed and those who'll be so still.

    This dragon lurks within darkness of mind;
    Its countenance so evil, filled with sin
    A greater foe I doubt that you will find,
    In human heart and strength and soul and mind.

    Those shining specters of the purest lights,
    Our conscience that bears the star of truth,
    Avenging angels clad as silver knights
    Will see the dragon slain in all our hearts.

    This ancient beast that rose 'neath demon's eye,
    To battle one's own judgement that is true,
    This great monster that shadows earth and sky
    Scholars of old times named this fiend a lie.

    by michelle clark
    november 1997

  • Forgive my melodrama,
    I lie myself sometimes and I know
    a lie's not really that bad. ^^;

  • For your reading enjoyment, three haiku's I wrote. ^_^
    My first tries at the style, and I like them.

    Translucent the dawn,
    A newborn child, gold in hue,
    Miracle of light.

    Green, the little deaths,
    Saddest parody of life.
    Live in hope’s gray husk.

    Rose warm the silence,
    Warm the spreading... lapping life.
    Cold the mocking death.

    Russet and tearless, victim of Hyperion
    am I
    She licks away my pain but cannot touch my soul,
    forever dry
    In my mother's gentle hands
    am I
    as I drink from beyond the world.
    No longer without comfort
    am I.

  • :Blink: It's a clay pot... you know, being dipped into a river? :crickets chirping: Oh, don't mind me, I've got Rome on the brain.

    ~Stars of the Land
    The darkness bows and shrinks, ashamed
    Before their tiny light.
    The stars wink out in servitude,
    The lands may have this night.

    Now eagerly, with strength of heart,
    The children of the earth
    As did Maria, long ago
    to a miracle give birth.

    One by one, about the world,
    A million flames alight.
    A million tiny candles,
    Burst forth to greet God's night.

    His sheep who keep this special time
    A beacon in their hearts,
    Now show their love, in firey form,
    And a million tiny parts.

  • There we go J.
    It's a religious poem, about Christmas.
    The inspiration came from those candles in the windows that are really popular in my neighborhood this year.

    Bettering yourself
    for the watching eyes of the clock.
    Glitz, glammer, and jazz
    For the expressionless countenance of the timepeice.
    Silver gentry and champagne colored skies,
    reaching for the climatic strike of time's hand.
    Dance and pray and make your peace,
    As human time fills humankind
    With a sort of madness.
    With a sort of black tie adrenaline.
    With a sort of joy.

  • This is one of those poems that don't rhyme.
    I write the rhyming kind more often -I'll probably always be a kid that way-
    but I think this style better suits the occasion:)

    ~Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    Icy Fun
    Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    Childhood cotton
    Freezing Candy
    What can we do with it?
    Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    Pleasing Shapes walk among us
    Angels in the
    Childhood Cotton
    Freezing Candy
    Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    Pugnacious Child, flinging White
    Laughter, can't help myself
    Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    Taste it
    Gone like cotton candy
    Touch it, full of wonder
    Love it forever
    and ever
    even as
    Numb Fingers Can't help themselves
    in snow.

  • I wrote that as quickly as possible, to catch the childlike nature of playing in the snow.
    I hope it sounded fun, like I intended it to.
    And yes, I'm still psyched over that snow day I got Thursday ^^;;;.

    ~I'm Ready
    now i sing without a voice
    watch me paint my eyes tight shut
    without legs i race away i dare the wind to catch me there
    see me smell without my nose
    listen closely; need no ears
    and i feel and understand there is no touch beneath my skin
    bittersweet upon no tongue
    as i fly without the wings
    as you laugh without the smile
    so i write without the means

  • That was something I wrote to jumpstart me out of poets block.

    ~Do as I Do
    Do as I do
    Follow closely
    I'll take care of you
    I swear

    Watch my eyes
    You see, I must watch yours
    As two watch the skies

    Hold my hand
    Now I am holding yours
    So we both land
    Of course

    Listen closely
    We both must hear the words
    Like understanding, ghostly
    Night creeps

    Smell the air
    And so I smell it too
    Of course it brings me there
    Be patient

    Smile at me
    And I must smile at you
    They now can surely see
    We're two

    Please take wind
    I cannot bear to fly
    Without an end
    For you

  • This is kinda about eternal closeness between two people. Platonic? Read it as you like ^_^

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