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Hopeless Romantic and Damn Proud!!!

March 19, 2001
I seem to be making a habit of three month intervals between "updates" and Im really sorry about that but I seem to have lost interest in everything which used to interest me. I haven't watched any TV for weeks. Only computer. Only AIM. How sad. I'm TheKashyElf if anyone cares to IM me to maintain the, ahem, addiction. In the meantime, email me with anything interesting. Star Trek related or not. Its all good =) Thankyou! Have a happy day =)

January 30, 2001
Ok, I haven't watched a single episode of Voyager this season at all, I don't think. I did hear, however, that B'Elanna is pregnant! Woohoo!--This just might inspire me to update something! Thank-you to those of you who keep on coming back looking for something which isn't here; an update. I might do it eventually, I might not. I just don't know. In the meantime, I'm here if you need me / want to know what's happening in my life or anything. Take care!

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