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My Paris/Torres Page!

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web rings!
Well, after a year of not updating, I finally felt guilty enough to say something. Frankly, I am pissed off at star trek. I hate what they have done to Voyager, and it's characters. It started off very promising, but all it is now is meaningless sludge. I will still keep this page up, just please, don't expect updates. Frankly, I'm surprised if you're here right now. so many people have been to this page!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! almost 22000, I can't believe it! THIS PAGE SUCKS FOR GODS SAKES!!!! hehe, well, email me if you like. If you want, see my new venture into web land, My Simpsons Page
I started this page a little over two years ago, jeez, kinda tells ya something eh? thank you all, once again