Free Estimates on Home/Business Water Filtration Systems!
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Free Estimates on Home/Business Water Filtration Systems!

Ed Mackey
181 Ridge Rd..
Marlboro, NY 12542

This page was last updated on August 5, 1997.

Are you buying bottled water because you're afraid of your municipal water system? Would you like to shower in chemical free water? If you answered YES then ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE over the internet or telephone!

We market water filtration products that designed for home, office, and business use. I'm sure you've seen articles in the paper or on the news about contaminated drinking water. To avoid the problem, bottled water consumption has become a MAJOR market. The average cost/gallon of water is approximately $1.00. Our products can reduce that down to less than $0.10/gallon.

Our products carry certified guarantees and are recyclable. I GUARANTEE we can fit your budget. Our products are far more advanced than the products currently on the market today (documentation of proof provided). We provide FREE ESTIMATES over the internet or telephone. For larger businesses, a nonminal estimate fee is charged. Ask about referred discounts.

Our goal is to provide a cheaper and healthier alternative to our drinking water.

Ed Mackey