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Sri Sathya Sai Paddington Group

Welcome to the Paddington Sai Group Home Page.

We hope you will enjoy the Links to other Sai locations, below. And we also hope you will take a tour of our pages - locally. There are many interesting pages to visit here which can be instructive in the Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Here is some information on the Paddington Sai Group itself.

Paddington Sai Group initiated the Care Bears - would you like to join in ?

1998 has been declared - The Year Of Peace - and Paddington Sai Group has the honour of co-hosting the Seminar, being held on 21st February 1998, with the Strathfield Sai Centre. Here is the link to that information.

Swami has given us many interesting words of wisdom. Some are in the "Gems" - below.

Gems One
Gems Two
Gems Three
Gems Four

There is a very interesting book, worth reading - many answers here:-
A Lawyer Argues The Case For The Afterlife

You should also visit the Official Sai Home Page - for Australia

Additional Links are:-

Advent of the Sai Avatar
Country Wise Listing of Sathya Sai Web Sites
Avatar - The CD - wonderful modern music praising our Swami.

Sai Baba Links

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