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Pacmartee Funny Pics

Hi, I hope you enjoy these pics of when we are all
in a lighter frame of mind. Not getting it together
to suit that guy with a rosette on his chest. Just
us being ourselves, yes that is correct - naughty.

Yes thanks Mum, I am quite comfy.

Hello, this is me when I was a litte girl. I am now a big
girl with a title to match, Aust Ch. Pacmartee Granny May.
I own a young boy with the name of Owen but I have finally
trained him to suit my needs. I am even going to have a go
at Obedience, ahahah, I know he is a teenager but I have to
try my paw at it.

Hey guys, do you think if I stand here long enough Mum might come?

We did try to tell her but SHE knows all!!

Don't just stand there clicking that camera. Help meeee!!!!!

Damn, the brindles drank all the milk again.
(the white with the slight eye patch grew up into Luke)

Gee Mum, I have been trying to sleep here. Who let the Rat in?

Mmmmmm!!!!! and people reckon I am ugly.

The three girls all enjoying a cuddle.
daughters Tricia with Rosierat (mini) and Allison

Personally, I think this is a much better show stand.
Don't you, you can see my lovely head? What else do you need?

Aw come on, just a little kiss.

Ok, roll this way.