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Hi Ya, welcome to our page. I was thinking about breaking up this

page and giving each baby his / her own page to help it to load

quicker. But then I got to thinking if you actually read what there

was written about each baby the page should already be fully loaded

up for you. So just keep reading and go to the puppies pages when

asked to but most of all, enjoy your stay.

Hey, where are you going?

You are visitor to this bully haven
so you may as well stay and see the rest.

Pacmartee Revenue Man

~ Luke ~

Sire Ricbull Whisky N Rye ~ Dam Bryvan Hillbilly ROM

This is still not a fanastic photo of Luke when I get a

better one I will replace this one too. At least here is he

winning Australian Bred in Show under Mr John Jamieson at

the BTC Inc.(NSW)Easter Sunday 1999 Championship Show.

Some of his wins are at Northern Districts First National

Show where he won he Baby Puppy Class 1998. Next Luke went

under Mr Steve Isaacs receiving the Reserve Dog Challenge

ribbon. South Australia next on the calendar with Mr Colin

Bohler bringing home Runner-up in Show behind his uncle

Ricbull Rad Dude.Luke has a new brother and sister.

Lukie latest count of his own offspring is 19 babies.

Lukie is quite the proud father and is waiting for all

his Fathers' Day presents to arrive in September.

Lukie's Babies

Luke's wins in the BTC Inc. (NSW) Pointscore.

Best Australian Bred Dog 98~99.

Pacmartee WIW

~ Wiw ~

Sire Vangelis No Bulls Hit ~ Dam Apollyon Boistrous Lady

Wiw's wins in the Bull Terrier Club Inc.(NSW) Pointscore.


We have so many Bull Terriers Fancier URL Links so that now we

have decided to dedicate a full page to them. If you would like

your page added to our links page just email us with your URL

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Please now for our links.

Hello, we human campanions are called Terry and Vicki

and we hope you enjoy your visit to our kennels. Our

daughters Tricia and Allison are now helping us with

the kennels, preparation for shows and whelping now.

They both are a great help to us and the dogs. A little bit

about our dogs and us. We live all in the Southern Highlands
of New South Wales of Australia.

We are members of the BTC Inc.(NSW), BTCSA Inc., and the

ACT BTC Inc. Over the years both of us and now our son Steven
have held positions within the BTC Inc. (NSW) Club.

We feel ourselves fortunate to be able to share our

lives with the bully breed. They have shown us over the years

things that we think a lot of people have lost, mostly HUMILITY!

Yes, the bully is a special dog. We all must remember that

we choose to take that wriggling bundle of joy home, to be
fed, watered, walked but most of all LOVED!!!!!.

We are always updating the photos and information on

this page so please do return soon. If we can help you with

any enquires with bullies / miniatures within Australia
please do not hesitate to contact us.

Snail Mail ~ P.O. Box 209, Thirlmere. 2572. NSW. Australia.

Please DONATE to your local Bull Terrier Welfare Group.

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may have done some of these graphics. If anyone wants their work
CREDITED or REMOVED please email.
Thank You for visiting.