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Elle and Marcus Children

~ ~

Shirvin Thunderroad and Pacmartee Elle May

Hello, we were born on the 13th March 1999 in the beautiful

Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Our mum Pacmartee Elle May

lives there with Monica, Nils and all these other dogs, mmm

little ones that were very easy to chew on. Just our height

that we could all gang up on and bite everywhere, just to see

how tasty they were. It was a fanastic job we were given.

Now we have been taken away from our beloved mum and put into

a large crate, then into a large car and taken for a long drive.

When we arrived at our new home we were nervous and so many

bullies surrounding us like we were the tasty ones. But our new

friends protected us from then, gave us a warm bowl of milk.

Our beautiful Mum passed away on the 17th June 2000 when she was
in whelp to our half sister and brothers. We will never know our
siblings but they will be missed as much as our beloved Mum.

Are you sure it is ONLY day 60,

please go and check the date again.

Elle and puppies.

So this is so much better, see my fanastic figure.

It is back again, I can roll, roll.

AAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhh so lovely.

Elle Puppies at one day old.

Elle and Puppies

Elle puppies

Yep, you are correct, more of Elle puppies.

Elle puppies

Elle and Nils,at least someone loves me.

NO!!!!! Mum, I am not on the good lounge. Just ask Dad

when he wakes up.

Bubba ~ Pacmartee Elles Thunder