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"Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." [Qur'an 48:29]


Christian Faith Examined!

Is the Bible God's word?

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The Challenge Of Islam:

Is The Bible God's Only Inspired Revelation?

The Most Thriving System?

Most authenticated documented fact of today’s living world is that no system has been able to answer all the questions which the intellect’s have, no system have so far been able to resolve the problem of race, color, blood, surplus women and distinction. Corruption, forgery, cheat, and un-desired massacre have no borders. Many intellects have different positions over the decree of human and social values, but none has so far been able to produce a single clause, which could have served the a single jot.

People from time to time have been answering these questions, they seem to have exact knowledge the symptoms, but some how they are reluctant to express their right feelings. And the positions taken by these intellects once again distinct them on race, color, and the school of thought. Like, Its a remote possibility to expect some good words about a righteous Muslim from the mouth of a Western Christian intellect. Same sickness is rampant in the Jews and some Muslims Cousins. I am ready to have an open debate and prove that these are some quarters of the only three communities which are contributing most in raising dust in the world. Physical, logical, and economical territories are just been created to safe-guard their vested interests. Once again this has nothing to do with base of their article of faiths. One more thing, our Jews cousins are at the top in this nonsensical concept of holy war. No one is ready to practice the religion, but every body is ready to kill one an other in the name of religion. This sickness has no borders, whether its the west where Bosnian’s, are just been butchered, so that my western Cousin may not have an Islamic state around them, or its the middle east where once again some Jews are causing endless trouble to Muslims on tip given by our Christian Cousins, or be it the newly born Muslims states of Russia where our Communist cousins are out to de-generate whole Muslim population. Finally have a nice look at Indian brother’s, they seems to have made it an article of faith that, to kill a Muslim is a great virtue.

I can have detailed cogent arguments about the behavior’s of our Communist, and Hindu Cousins some time later, but right now I am going to restrict my-self to our beloved Jew’s and Christian cousins, as we share many common values, along with base and belief of unity.

Monotheism happen to be a common denominator in the three most surviving religions on the face of this earth. Their was a time when it was assumed to be eschewed that a person of Christianity would dare to speak on the subject of Islam, or Judaism in public. People use to interact on any subject matter with an exception to religion. But now this seems to be an excellent time that these three communities are talking to one and other without any exception of the subject.

Chronological order depicts that Islam is a successor Religion to all previous Godly faiths. UN-Un-biased study of religious science proves that no Prophet of the God ever put a name to their brand of teachings, or did they ever conceived that the religion which is being bestowed from on high was completed. On the contrary the evidence can be very easily be traced from the religious scriptures of all the times about the succeeding testament, succeeding teachings, and the successor prophet. Mohammed (may peace be unto him) happens to be the unique Prophet of the glorious God, who ever in the history of Prophet hood claimed to be the last Prophet. Their is another unique claim in the book of Muslims that (‘DEEN’) the Religion of Isaac, Ishamil, Jacob, Abraham, Moses, Jesus(May Allah bless them all) is complete and is named as Islam. Jesus(PBUH) in his life never uttered the word of Christianity, Moses(PBUH) never heard the religious term Judaism. What they preached in their life was a total submission to God, and one word for that in Arabic is Islam. And a true Muslim is one who completely submits himself to the will of God.

The Kalema, Shaheda or the article of the faith of Moses (PBUH) was Hero the God of Israel, and God is One. After (1300) thirteen hundred years, another person borned of a Jewish girl (Marry, May peace be unto her) named Jesus(Prophet Peace Be Upon Him) claimed himself to be the succeeding messenger of the God, and said ‘I have not come to break the Torah(The Law, meaning the teachings of Moses(PBUH))’. When some follower of Moses(PBUH) asked him about his Kalema, or article of faith. He uttered the same above mentioned words of Moses(PBUH), and their was not even a an iota of difference. Then after (600) six year after Jesus(PBUH) their came another Prophet named Mohammed(PBUH), and the same thing happened, some Christian Missionary asked him about the Kalema or article of faith. In reply This Prophet of God says "God is One".

The Holy Book (AL-QURAN) which is revealed on Prophet(Muhammad PBUH) is the last and final revelation from God, and This preaches that This Book is a continuation of the revelations given to the people of the book (Jews and Christians), and as such Taurat, Zaboor, and Injeel (Law of Moses, The Psalms and The Gospel) are accepted as the fore-runners of the Holy Quran.

Where does Jesus (PBUH) speaks of Muhammad(PBUH) as a natural successor to himself. This has been Muslim/Quaranic claim that all Godly faith’s are the fore-runners of Islam. Christianity happens to be the thriving one before Islam, now the question arises that where does it suits to Christians to accept this Muslim idea. As our Christian cousins do not accept Al-Quran as the last testament and final revelation from God. To convince them, we take our Christian Cousins to Verse 7 through 17th from Chapter 16 in the Book of JOHN of the new Testament.

Muslims stand over above mentioned verse takes the idea that, the Comforter that Jesus(PBUH) had asked about, is our Muhammad(PBUH). Had Jesus just said of Comforter or Helper, we could have accepted the Christian idea of Holy Spirit with respect to this verse, but Jesus had gone out of his way to use the word Him, which categorically means a Man, another Prophet or successor not the Holy Spirit. And finally see the condition and most astounding sign of the comforter that If I go not the Comforter will not come, I am asking to my learned Christian Cousins that do not they see the open evidences all across their Bible that Holy spirit was there even Jesus was not borned, It was there when Jesus walked on the earth, and when Jesus left, he asked his disciples to take WHAT?, the Holy Spirit. I am quoting references for the kind information of those Christian Cousins, who still think that the Comforter that Jesus had fore-told was or is Holy Spirit and not the Muhammad(PBUH).

In the above quoted verse the word ‘he’ is used for John the Baptist(who paved way and propagated for Jesus), according to your own scripture that person born before Jesus had the Holy spirit even when, he was in his mothers womb. I request my Christian Cousins to please see and check it from your own Bible, and then come to us and dare say that the verse about Comforter in the book of John is not about Muhammad.

The context of the above verse is that, Jesus while leaving asks his disciples to take WHAT? Something, which is not hidden or is not even in vague words, its clearly there its the Holy Spirit. Now I really want to see a Christian, to come forward and say either he/she is right or in the first place Jesus is right. Jesus is guiding the people of someone who has to come after him, and is suppose to come only when Jesus is not there. And above two verses of Bible reject the idea that Holy spirit can any way may be-fit into that premise.

This is a unique verse in the 66 books of Bible, no verse uses eight male or female gender in one verse. Instead of saying who this great person is, we just ask who could that person may be, except Muhammad. (PBUH)