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Jessica's Page

Here Are Some of My Interests

Hello, My Name Is Jessica...

I live in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with my mom, dad, and little brother. We homeschool and go to a wonderful, friendly, little Church on Sundays. I am a Christian, and enjoy doing my devotions in the morning before school.

I love my youth group, the kids are so nice. We do some really awesome things, like 'All Nighters', and trips to Niagra Falls and Lancaster! An all nighter is when the youth group plays sports almost all night, and some times, if a person falls asleep too early something happens to him or her! One time Autumn fell asleep early. Well, Nikki decided Autumn had to wake up. One of us happened to bring tooth paste ( I wont mention any names!) so Nikki mushed the icky stuff right into Autumn's hair......Autumn wasn't too happy about this. In fact, she was so unhappy she decided to get back at Nikki....... There was Italian dressing in the refridgerator. Let's just say they both had to take showers afterward.

Some of my other interests include 'Outdoor Stuff' like hiking, boating, hunting, exploring the woods around my house and camping. I like space, looking at the constellations and trying to find the planets. And, of course, I like to style my hair and paint my finger nails and stuff like that, but doesn't every 14 year old girl?

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