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This is a Java Version of the Latin conjugation program. It will conjugate any regular verb into any of the six tenses of the indicative mood, and into either active or passive voice. You must enter one of the principal parts of the verb.

Please email me your questions or comments!

1.  Enter the tense and voice  desired.

2.  Tell the applet which conjugation the verb belongs to.  To find out which conjugation, look at the ending of the infinitive (second part of the verb)
-are verbs are first conjugation
-ére verbs are second conjugation
-ere verbs are third conjugation
-ire verbs are fourth conjugation

3. Enter the part of the verbs that the program requests.  Note that this changes depending on the tense, voice, and conjugation.

4. Push the 'Conjugate' button.

If I get enough feedback about this applet, I will soon port the program that declines nouns to a Java applet too!

The Latin Grammar Page at Notre Dame was kind enough to put a link to here on their site. Go to the Latin Grammar Page at Notre Dame...

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