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Midnight Scenes

My name is Lou.

I could go into my whole biography, right now, and tell you all about myself. But let's face it; you don't care. If you really wanted to know all that about me, you'd have called me up and asked by now. (And if it's Reba McEntire reading this, please call; I'm in the book.) So we'll skip all that....

Well, maybe just a little.

I live in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. I was born in an elevator in Phoenixville, PA, in 1969, on the same day that men landed on the moon. It was the high point of my life so far. I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm outside of Slatington. (You may all want to get your Pennsylvania maps out now.) I moved to Lock Haven in 1992.

I work in a drugstore. Even though that's a somewhat exciting job at times (seriously, I swear), I still have to up my excitement quotient by doing other stuff. I look for old ghost towns and buried treasure, I help abuse victims, and I run a teen group called the LS Kids.

The midnight motif of this page stems from the fact that most of the page was created around then. I do my best work at midnight, or thereabouts. Tragically for my employers, that's when I'm at my most productive.

If you've bothered to make it this far, then you should be noticing some of my pages down below. Think you can get some entertainment from a guy who uses both semicolons and the word "quotient" on a website? Then go ahead and explore them a bit---Because you waded through all the crap about me, you've earned it.

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