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MAHS Viking Boat Project

Welcome to the MAHS Viking Boat Page. For our senior project we are building a Viking boat which is a replica of one built in Norway about 895 AD. It is our intent to actually sail this boat and then donate it to a museum. We have created this web page to publicize our work.

This is a picture of the student boat building team with our mentors: Mr. Eisenhuth and Mr. Lutkus.

(front row L to R) Jessie Purcell, Jenna Gavaletz, Beth Ehlinger (second row L to R) Jared Sabitsky, Jason Stablum, Matt Donlin, Jolissa Mataka, Sara Paul, Luke Leonard, Jordan Marshall (back row L to R) Mr. Eisenhuth, T.J. Doyle, Ray Sukeena, Ryan Murphy, Josh Wank, Denny Reichert, Ed Moran, Mr. Lutkus.

History and Goal of the Project (a statement)

Viking Boat Construction

Sailing Information

Smithsonian Institution Exhibit

Viking Boat Displays

Viking Boat at the Nordic Heritage Museum

The New Nordic Museum

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