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Great 70's Music and Downloads


Studio 54 site

8-Track tapes and Reconditioned players! Groovy!

Links to Bands of the 70s

The Internets Music-Only Search Site

Lots of 70' Stuff. COOL!

The 70's Traveler RealAudio Music

Multimedia Webring. Lots of links!

Great selection of Disco MPegs.

Top 100 Disco Songs & Wavs

Wav and Midi links.

Ducky's Jukebox--Nice page, Great classic rock tunes!

Lyrics world. Can't remember the words? Get them here :)

RockinWoman. Huge selection of oldies downloads.

RealAudio 70s Tunes

Julies Wavs. Great!

Deet's 70s Pages. She has it all :)


Guide to Big Name Concerts & Events

WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web

Matt's Script Archive - Awesome Web Server Scripts

Online Originals Custom Web Authoring--When only the best will do.

Anywho! Phone number, but no name? Find it here!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

Want ICQ? To chat with friends instantly? Click here, folks.

Geek Speak got you down? Computer jargon/terminolgy/etc. defined in plain English.

The Ultimate Chat List!

Fast Search! All the Web...All the Time

Ask anything!

Free classified ads online!

Experts on everything from computers to romance.

Best search engine ever!

Having a bad day? Is the boss driving you crazy? Need a little fun? Cheering up? Click the "COOL" icon below. Guaranteed to make you smile! Takes a few minutes to load, but it's worth it!

This is just a partial list of links. We will be adding more all the time, but of course, only the best. Return often and bookmark us. We're here to entertain and make smiles! Thanks for stopping by!