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Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise

What can I say ,there is nothing better out there.I know I am prejudice against the other products.Probably because I was raised on Hellmann's.

It goes back to those Hellmann's mayo and dill pickle sandwiches that I ate when I was 5 years old.

Then my taste matured and I went to Hellmann's and tomato sandwiches.

Now forty some years later I have progressed to grilled eggplant sandwiches with Hellmann's mayonnaise.

I am not an employee or have any ties to this company.I am just a loyal consumer who knows what he likes.

and I like my Hellmann's. It is seasoned to perfection...a nice creamy texture that is not overly sweet like some of the competition's mayonnaise.

Kraft Mayo

I found a Kraft Mayo coupon a couple of weeks ago and thought it might be worth a try.It wasn't bad...actually it was on the sweet side...which I did not care for.I used it for a while always adding salt trying to get rid of that sweet taste...well enough was enough and my wife accused me of committing sacrilege.Sacre bleu ! I had to go out in the pouring rain to get the Hellmann'in the industrial size to satisfy my wife's hunger for the one true mayonnaise

Miracle Whip

Miracle Whip is a totally different product.It is more of a salad dressing than a sandwhich spread...even though some people use it for both purposes. These are the same people who put ketchup on hotdogs and mustard on hamburgers.I don't know why they are so confused. When you go to the store and buy hamburger relish it is red...meaning with ketchup...and the hotdog relish is yellow...meaning with mustard....what is so hard about this.Mustard is for hotdogs and ketchup is for hamburgers.And ketchup....Heinz or Hunt's...and is it ketchup or catsup...don't get me started.That's another whole web page.

I don't mean to knock Kraft.They make many fine products...including the always tasty Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.Or is it Cheese and Macaroni ? Annie , help me out here.All I am saying if you want real mayonnaise there is only one choice......Hellmann's

you can go to the Kraft page by clicking here

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