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Our Precious Angel

This page is in loving memory of my son Devon
Ray who died on March 24th, 1997 from a congenital
heart defect.

We found out the end of July that we were going to be
blessed with another child. We already had two
healthy children ages 10 and 3. We scheduled our
drs. visit for our first prenatal check up. When
I was 6 weeks along we had our first ultrasound,
which showed a normal healthy embryo. So
everyone thought.

Weeks progressed into months and everything seemed to be
going great. All except for the feeling of dread I
just couldn't shake. Even though the drs. said everything

was going fine I had a feeling that just wouldn't
leave no matter how hard I willed it away. I told
my husband I just new something was wrong but even
he thought it was just pregnancy jitters.

March 26th was picked for the birth of our son.
All my other children had been induced as would
Devon. My final month came quickly without any
complications. It did bring an occasional trip
to the hospital due to I felt the baby wasn't
moving like he should be. Every trip proved the
same thing, the babies heartbeat was strong and
regular. Of course he would start moving as soon
as the sonogram was in place. But nothing eased my

On Sunday March 23rd I told my husband, Scott, that
I felt we should go into the hospital to be
checked again, as Devon's not moving like he
should be. Something felt very wrong. When we
arrived there we went through the front doors
because I did not want anyone from the ER knowing
I was there. (Too many trips that nothing happened
on. I guess I was feeling a little embarrassed at
being there so often when everything was ok.) We
went right upstairs where after a urine test and
having my blood pressure checked I was admitted
and the decision made to induce today due to
pregnancy induced hypertension.

The IV of pitocin was started around noon. Not
long after the dr. did come in and break my water.
I thought even more then that something was wrong
due to the dr. yelling for the nurse, there was too
much water. I did not know at the time (for sure)
that too much fluid indicated a problem. The dr.
stayed in the hospital and continued to monitor my

Finally I was
dilating but Devon was not moving into place like
he should have been. The internal fetal monitor
did show a regular heartbeat around 130-140. After
being checked again by the dr. we were told Devon
was posterior and he would have to try and turn him
so I could deliver. After what seemed like hours of
the dr. trying to turn Devon, I was finally placed
back in bed to push. At 6:14pm I gave birth to a
silent10 pound, 22 inch baby boy.

Devon was placed on
my stomache while the dr. cut the cord. My worst
fears were confirmed my baby was pulseless and not
breathing. Being a paramedic I am sure I made the
staff's job much more difficult as I would yell
that I felt they should be doing things differently.
Of course they were doing everything they could to
save our son. The OR anesthesiologist intubated
Devon and a dr. doing rounds in the hospital who
was called to assist, found with an x-ray that Devon
had fluid, hydrops, surrounding his heart
and lungs.After removing around 150cc's of fluid
from his chest and abdominal cavity, Devon's heart
did start beating. Although his color still did
not change from blue. Children's Hospital was
contacted and arrangements were made for Devon to
be transported there.

The next few hours are a blur. The only thing I can really
remember well is loosing consciousness and hearing the nurse yell
for help. I know the Life Flight Team came I think
it was around 10:30pm. I am not sure on that. They
brought a neonatal dr., a respiratory therapist and
an Rn. Devon was placed in an incubator and our last
goodbyes were said. I still thank God that my
parents and my mother in law were able to get to the
hospital to see Devon alive.

After the team reached childrens with Devon in their
care it didn't seem to take long for them to figure
out that he had Transposition of the Great Arteries.
During the initial surgery to correct this Devon
couldn't hang on any longer and left here to become an
Angel. The last thing I remember is receiving the
phone call from the dr. at childrens telling me that
our son had died, screaming and throwing the phone to
my husband. The next few weeks are a large blur.
The following photo is of my husband and I
holding Devon at Childrens.

Thank you to my dear friend Cindy Jo who made this wonderful gift!
You can click on it to visit her beautiful angel, Michelle's site.

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