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133 PAGES,

Royal Russia is now published twice a year. Our popular English-language publication designed especially for both Romanovphiles and Russophiles now offers annual Winter and Summer editions!


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The Unknown Ivan the Terrible

by Deacon Vladimir Vasilik
Translated by Irene W. Galaktionova and Neil P. Mayhew

This newly researched article offers an objective portrayal of Tsar Ivan IV, his philosophy and motivations, discussing them within the context of his historical period and its values.

The author describes the tribulations of Ivan's childhood and his first actions as the young tsar, showing the legitimate reasons for his mistrust in his councillors. He then proceeds to explain how the contemporary society's religious values profoundly affected Ivan's philosophy, sometimes marring his judgement to the point where he couldn't foresee the devastating consequences of what initially appeared to be small and even merciful actions.

The article proceeds to show Ivan in search of a royal role model, finally finding it - fully in keeping with the religious values of the time - in the Biblical depiction of Moses whose actions and decisions Ivan copied more than once, sometimes to the country's peril. Finally, the author ponders whether Ivan's actions might have been the underlying cause of the later Time of Troubles through his splitting the country into the two opposing camps of zemchshina and oprichnina. Denouncing any historical speculation, the author supports his point with numerous quotations from contemporary sources and succeeds in creating a complex and quite objective portrait of Ivan IV.

My Russia. Byzantine Jewel on the Neva
by Paul Gilbert

Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert discusses the history of one of St Petersburg's most beautiful Orthodox churches: the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There is virtually no information on this church in English, it rarely even receives a mention in the plethora of guidebooks on the former Imperial capital. The research for this article was based entirely on Russian language sources, plus the author's personal notes taken during his visits to St. Petersburg.

‘A World that Existed Only Briefly’ - The Bialowieza Imperial Hunting Lodge
by Coryne Hall

Royal historian and author of numerous books on the Romanovs Coryne Hall writes about the Imperial Hunting palace at Bialowieza built by Emperor Alexander III in Poland.

Traitor to His Father. Tsarevich Alexey and Peter the Great
by Irene W. Galaktionova

On June 26 1718, Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich - the eldest son and heir of Peter the Great - died in his prison cell while awaiting execution for treason. This set in motion a complex succession dilemma which would plague the Romanov dynasty throughout most of the 18th century.

Last Days of Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich
by Général Constantin Brummer
Translated by Katherine Alexandra Hines

In February 1919, Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich (1859-1919) was to become another Romanov victim of the Bolshevik bloody and violent regime. The author, who served as a companion, shares a brief biography of the grand duke, and shares his memories of his life in exile and his last days before being executed by a Bolshevik firing squad. The author notes, "here, I give the simple, faithful narration of them; many details were committed to me alone; such is the deposition of a witness".

Faithful to the End. The Devoted Servants of the Imperial Family
by Natalya Stukova
Translated by William Lee

Russian historian Natalya Stukova writes about the members of the Imperial household who followed the Imperial family into exile, including court physician/Dr. Yevgeny Botkin, chambermaid Anna Demidova, cook Ivan Kharitonov, and valet Alexei Trupp. The author provides informative notes on the fate of these and other faithful retainers to the last emperor and empress of Russia.

Empress Elizabeth Petrovna’s Coronation Album
by Nina Markova

The story of the coronation album of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna explores the history of the album’s creation in November 1742.

Photographs from the Private Album of Grand Duke Mikhail Alexndrovich
by Paul Gilbert

In September 2016, an auction was held at the Literary Fund Auction House and Art Gallery in Moscow, which offered a rare album from the private collection of Grand Duke Mikhail Alexndrovich and Countess Natalia Brasova. The album featured some 200 photographs, dating from 1912-1914.

Included were numerous photos of the private world of the couple enjoying life with their son, friends, and other distinguished guests who came to call during their years in exile, and later in Gatchina. Of particular interest are a total of seventy-four photographs of the family, taken during their stay at Knebworth in Hertfordshire. England, 1913-1914, as well as photographs taken after their secret wedding on October 16, 1916 in Vienna.

The album which is considered of immense historical and cultural value on a museum level, sold for more than 2 million rubles ($34,000 USD).

Royal Russia News
Special to Royal Russia

- 24-page news supplement offers Romanov enthusiasts and lovers of Imperial Russian history with the top news stories and photographs from Russian media sources on the Romanovs, their legacy and Imperial Russian history, translated from Russian and presented in English for the first time.


Frozen in Time
Photographic Memories of the Russian Imperial Family

The Lost World of Imperial Russia
Vintage Photographs of Russia Before the Revolution

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