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Funny Jokes

The following is a compilation of jokes that I have been receiving over the years.   If you have anything that you want to give me for this, please email me at  I hope everyone enjoys everything.  Anything that has an XXX on the bottom is for individuals who are 18 and older.  If you are offended by obscene or sexual materials, please do not view any items with an XXX on the bottom.  Some users may not be able to view all materials for not having a Korean font.  To download any of the materials, click on the right mouse button and click either save image as, or save target as, depending on the joke.

Most of these are emails that have been forwarded to me at one time or another.   If you have something funny then send it to me and I'll post it up... Keep in mind I still have hundreds and hundreds that I haven't put up yet...


Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for the creation, production, or marketing of any of the products, jokes, text, advertisements, or exposure of the following.

Sad Stories

A sad Diary

The dead husband

The son

Happy Stories

Counting your Blessings

Good Sayings in Korean

Feel Good Sayings...

The son


Find your Tree

Your birthday in Numerology

Jokes in Text

Dalai Lama Predictions

Chinese Wedding

Product Labels

Useful Trivia

The brave Rabbits

Worst Names of Places in Korea

God Boxes

Hyun Do Island

Top ten reasons to go to work naked

Why did the chicken cross the road?

9 Sex Jokes

Dopey and the Seven Dwarfs

The Wife


Chinese Torture Methods

The Turkey

The Bird and the Shit

The Crow

A funny funny joke...

Two Angels

The Rabbits - korean fonts needed


Interesting Facts

A Strange Game

Beautiful Words - need korean fonts

Types of b-friends and g-friends

Life Expectancy Quiz

Pop Quiz... Bet you can't beat this one


Pick Up Lines

Top 10 things uttered by Yoda while making love

Download this QUIZ it's really really accurate - right click and save as

Jokes in Picture

Mazinga is dead

Korean Pop Stars worst moments

The uses of bra's cartoon

Marriage Life cartoon

Ice Popsicles cartoon

World Cup 2002!@#

ؿ ؿ

Some Shit Pictures...  Really funny check it out

Jerry Springer Show

Wife Remote Control

Oh Hyun Kyung -

Clintons Dollar

Dangerous Cliffs - XXX

Sperm v. Shitt - XXX

... Paper Rock Scissors - Korean Font Needed


What do you see?

Working Hard??? - click on your right mouse button and download

Friends in Alabama

Hate your Job???

Pictures of Korean Stars

Clinton: What are you looking at?

Titanic... Rose I won't let go

Before and After 6 Beers

Jokes in video

Skydiving - click on the right mouse and save as

Take a picture of yourself!!!


If you wanna good launch you need a good reaction time

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