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1971 Long Binh Bob Hope Show Picture #1& # 2 Miss World #3 is baseball player Vida Blue #4 & #5 God they were a sight for sore eyes!!! I am sure all of us fell in love at the same time that day (the moment they walked on stage !) #6 & # 7 Martha Raye better know to the GI's as Colonel Maggie when she walked on stage the place went nuts. You would have thought she just told everyone they could go home after the show. What a person she was a true friend to the GI's #8 this bike was capture from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and was given to Bob Hope as a gift. I believe it is now in the Bob Hope museum #9& #10 There were close to 20,000 GI's at the show that day. For a few hours that day we all had a great time and we all left with a memory that will last a life time. Everytime I hear the song Silent Night I think of that day when 20,000 GI's stood together at the show and sang that song. For a moment in time we were all home with our families at Christmas, and we all had tears in our eyes to prove it. Thank God For Hope for he was truly a brother to all of us!!Don Scanlon

These photos were submitted to me by Don Scanlon. He served in Nam from 1970 to 1972 with the 62nd Land Clearing Bn/984th Land Clearing Co.