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During all of the Rocky movies, Rocky won (made all 15 rds. in rocky 1) because of his iron will. When he lost to Clubber Lang in Rocky three, he had gotten caught up in his fame and forgot what made him what he is... PRIDE, GLORY, and WILL. We all felt his pain as he went from an out of shape small town fighter to a national contender with the help of his coach Mick. (Burgess Meredith)The famous training sequences in every film motivate each and every one of us to strive to do better in everything we do.

As he did the pushups we all felt the burn as the sweat and tears ran down his face, but he pressed on. This scene motivated us all, no matter where you are from and no matter what language you speak.

When Rocky went into the slaughter house and hit the slabs of beef, it showed that he was a serious fighter, not just a smalltown wannabe like Apollo first thought. Just the thought of hitting raw beef, shows Rocky's passion for the fight.

All of us that saw the movie remember when Rocky tried to run the distance for the first time. He barely made it up the steps. But as he kept going and going he got better and better. Then when the children of Philadelphia ran with Rock on his way up the steps of the Philadelphia Are Museum, he finally achieved what he needed, the fitness and will to beat Apollo.. not just make 15 rounds.