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I don't call this a reason, I just call it believin in myself..

The sound of sirens blare as the two ambulances carrying Apollo and Rocky rush down the street. They make their way down the congested streets in the dark of night and deliver the beaten fighters to the hospital.

Immediately in the hospital Apollo takes back his "No rematch" quote and challenges Rocky to another fight. Rocky still dazed, can't utter a good answer, and soon doctors wheel them away to separate rooms. Both of them have minor surgery but Rocky seems to be on the bad end. The doctors seem worried about his eye.

After getting out of the hospital Rocky and Adrian make their way to the Philadelphia zoo where Rocky proposes. Adrian agrees and they become happily married.

Meanwhile, the fight still is a dagger in Apollo Creed's heart. He knows deep inside that he barely won that fight and the American public knows it too. Just from the negative response he gets from the public he feels a need to fight Rocky once again.

Apollo starts up an anti-Rocky campaign to get him back into the ring. Slogans like "The Italian Chicken" get Rocky down. After seeing this, Mick summons Rocky to get ready to fight once more, against the will of Adrian.

Soon Adrian bears Rocky's child but during birth she has complications and slips into a coma. Rocky prays every night and day by her bedside while forgetting his training.

When Adrian finally comes out of her coma, she gives Rocky the go to fight Apollo Creed once again. With Adrian's support Rocky feels renewed and he begins to feel the burn like he did in Rocky I. He trains with more determination this time than he ever has before.

When fight time comes Apollo is in a much more serious mood. He doesn't casually joke but only says that Rocky will go down. The fight is nearly a repeat of the fight in one but Rocky has gained a step on Creed.

Then the moment of truth... Rocky hits Apollo with a crushing hook but falls off balance... They both hit the canvas at the same time. They both struggle to get up before the 10 count. Rocky pulls himself up with the ropes while Apollo does the same, but Apollo just can't hang on and he slumps back down onto the canvas. At the 9th count Rocky gains his footing and becomes the heavyweight champion of the world.