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Rocky One is considered by me to be the most touching and motivating picture ever released on the big screen. Rocky's life is "a million to one shot." He gives us hope that if we try hard enough we can accomplish our most farfetched dreams and desires.

"..that I'm not just another bum from the neighborhood..."

November 26th, 1975

Rocky is fighting a washed up fighter named Spyder Rico in a dirty prizefight ring in a Philadelphia slum. He wins the fight and takes home a measly total of 40.55$. Meanwhile, Mick (Burgess Meredith)has taken his locker and ignores him over a better younger fighter.

Rocky frequently stops in the petshop where Adrian (Talia Shire) works to tell her a joke. His jokes seem to do nothing to win Adrian's love for him but he never gives up. Eventually Pauly gets Adrian to go out with Rocky after a large argument on Thanksgiving night. Rocky persuades her into his apartment and kisses her for the first time.

Everywhere on tv it seems Apollo Creed's (Carl Weathers)face is on it. He is promoting his upcoming bicentennial match versus Mac Lee Green. Soon enough Apollo finds out that Green cannot fight due to injury and neither can any other ranked fighter. Apollo looks to local unknown fighters to give a shot at the title.....that unknown became Rocky Balboa.

Even up to the fight, Rocky was afraid to fight Apollo Creed. He somehow mustered up the courage and heart, and started his training to use his shot at the top. Mick became his manager and he made Rocky into a contender. Rocky first makes his famous run and barely makes it up the steps, but with help from Mick and his driving will, he runs up those steps with nothing able to stop him.

Right before the fight Rocky is scared to get into the ring with such a great fighter. He doesn't want to necessarily beat Apollo, he just wants to "go the distance." Apollo then makes his grand enterance as George Washington and then changes to Uncle Sam with the Marine Corps Hymn and Yankee Doodle playing pompously. "I WANT YOU! I WANT THE STALLION!" Rocky has never seen such a spectacle and he seems to be a little shaken.

The fight begins and Rocky look pitiful compared to Apollo, but when he finally lands a punch in that first round it knocks Apollo to the canvas. After a seven count Apollo gets up dazed but ready to fight. The fight rages on with Rocky taking a tremendous beating, but he is also getting in some damaging punches in on Creed.

The rounds go by, each round tiring both fighters. Then Rocky goes down in the 14th round. Mick tells him to stay down to end the fight but he gets up after a 9 count. At the end of round 14 Rocky lands some crushing punches that damage Apollo Creed inside. Rocky clearly wins the last round, but it is too late. In the split decision Apollo gets more points than Rocky to win the bout.

The movie ends with Adrian in Rocky's arms.