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Evan's Bike Page

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I'm a 15 year old rider. Be shure to check out Major Productions, its my video productions company. That is a picture of me doing an X-up. I want to say whats up to all the fellow bike riders like Kiffer, Mike, Phil, and Chris. Also hi Natalie and my good, good friend Jenny. And there is Miss Hermann. My coolest teacher and best. We built some crazy trails down at Phil's house. The trails are called the 18 Trails. To read about them check them out. I got a nice bike. To read about it check out Mine and My Friends Bikes. If any link addresses are wrong or if you have any questions about bikes, Presque Isle, or Akron Derby Downs please e-mail me. Oh ya if you have any great bike links that I don't have and you would like them on my page just e-mail me the address and I'll be more than happy to put the link on. Also please go sign my message board if you have any questions. Thanks my fellow riders.

My Bike Links

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