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Fan Fiction Stories!

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Too Late to Tell? By:??-Colleen gets kidnapped! Will Andrew be able to save her and tell her his feelings before it's too late?

Harbor of Love By:Kara-There's a surprise party for Colleen! As she escorts Andrew home, an unexpected stop along the way forces them to spend the night in Sully's cave...where they learn their true feelings for one another.

A Christmas Gift By:??-Ah! Christmastime in Colorado Springs! Presents! Surprises! An unexpected visitor from Michaela's past...or is it? And will be be enough to break Colleen and Andrew apart?

Secrets By:Emily Wallace-Dr.Quinn's estranged daughter comes to Colorado Springs!

She Came From Boston-Andrew's old love never really died, and now she's come back to claim Andrew as her own. What will Colleen do? And what will Andrew's ultimate choice be?

The Train Ride Home, By:?? Part 1|Part 2-Colleen and Andrew, alone in Denver? Not so fast! Bad things happen to good people...especially on the train ride home!

Night Storm-By:Heather B.

'That's What Friends Are For' Part 1|Part2

My new series~~Trainload of Trouble|The Deepest Sleep

Giving Thanks By:Teresa

Secret Love Affair By a new author!