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Saint Poplia (Puplia) the Confessor - October 9

She was a deaconess of the Church of Antioch, the motherof the holy presbyter John, and the spiritual mother of many nuns. Once when the Emperor Julian the Apostate was passing through her place, she began to sing in a loud voice the words of Psalm 134: The idols o.fthe nations are silver and gold, the works of the hands of men. And she continued boldly: May those who make them become like unto them, and allt bose who put their trust in them. And when he ordered her to be silent, she sang louder: Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. For her confession she was beaten and threatened with exile and death, which she would have suffered had not the apostate Julian died before the sentence could be executed. (Antioch, 4th century.)

(taken from "Lives of the Married Saints" by Monk Moses of the Holy Mountain, (c) 1991, Saint Xenia Skete, Wildwood, CA)