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Welcome to my online photo album. My name is Oliver and I am an Old English Sheepdog. I was born in October of 1995 in Rochester, New York. My canine dad is a famous movie star and had the starring role of The Shaggy Dog in the Disney movie in 1994. I don't have any movie credits to my name, but I am a handsome good looking guy. My human parents are Pat and Ruth and I just love being their protector. I bark at anyone or anything that comes near our house.
This is me and my brothers and sisters when we were just kids and we posed for the front cover of the Old English Times. That's me in front, second from the left with my best foot forward.
When I was a kid, Snoopy was my Hero!
I also love to play ball either with a tennis ball or sometimes a small soccer ball which I can kick around while I have another ball in my mouth. I also like being a clown and dress up in my Dad's hats and sometimes in his sunglasses.
I guess the clowning comes to me naturally. I also had a little brother who was really my big brother. His name was Brubaker and he was a Cairn Terrier and was my hero. He went up to heaven on May 26, 1999 and I miss him a lot. Here is his picture!
Enjoy my photos and send me an e-mail. I will answer you by letting my human dad do the typing, but I will tell him what to say.

Dad Calls Me Old Blue Eye

Dad does the cooking, but I eat the carrots
Uncle Jim thinks I'm a Stuffed Animal Hedgehog is my favorite stuffed animal
At least Me and Brubaker were smiling in this one!
I Love Cocktail Hour! Wonder how that Cherry Tastes?
Who needs a brush when you look this good?
When you are the "Prince of The Castle" you should live like a Prince!
Being English, sometimes I like to wear my Sherlock Holmes Disguise

I Just Love Relaxing By a Fire

Sometimes I have to wake Dad up to watch our favorite team Notre Dame
I have Mom convinced that I am a Lap Dog!
Dad, you just drink your Bud, I have my eye on a Rabbit!
These kids are my nephews & niece, my sister Niki's kids
You are just a Christmas Present and can be Taken Back
This is me right after I got my Dog License
I'ts not a Kiss, I just Love your cologne!!!

Getting Ready to Sell NewsPapers for Kids Day Telethon




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