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Sean Daley is the great great grandson of Michael Dailey for whom the Daley Record is dedicated. He has his own studio at the Partners In Art Gallery in North Tonawanda, NY and exhibits his work there. He excels in the Color Pencil technique as shown in his artwork here, but also does charcoal, pastels, pen and ink and oils. The Violin shown above is one of Sean's favorite pieces and he has created numerous versions of the Violin upon request of those who could not have the original. For more information you can write to Sean at

Emily (color pencil)

Emily is depicted as showing the sign of love in International Sign Language and this beautiful color pencil piece took First Place in the First Annual St. Mary's School for the Deaf Art Show.

This is one of Sean's best Color Pencil called
"This Seats Taken"
This is an oil of Sean's hometown mascot called
"The Bison"
This is a color pencil representing Sean's birthplace
"Ankara Gifts""

Persian Pear (charcoal)

Baseball is Sean's favorite sport and he has created many pieces of famous sports figures as we see here in honoring the heroes of '98.

Baron was Sean's 13 year old English Mastif. This colored Pencil was done in March of 1999.
This piece is of a cottage in Ireland
The Buffalo River and old Grain Mills are depicted in Michigan Ave.(Colored Pencil)
Sean is also a Country & Western Fan as is evidenced in his work titled
"On The Range"

On The Range (color pencil)

This is an oil of the last violin Sean painted appropriately called
"The Last Violin"