Cavern of the Golden Dragon
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Cavern of the Golden Dragon

The Chamber of Welcome:
You step under an immense arch of white marble, streaked with silver & midnight-blue and begin to sense a slight, unexplainable tingle in the air, almost as if it were holding it's breath in anticipation. A pale, golden glow seems to emanate from everywhere at once within the high, vaulted chamber before you. Eyes wide with mingled awe and trepidation, you finally cast your gaze upon the source of the warmly radiant light that fills the entire chamber. A large, gleaming creature of sun-fire gold lays stretched out upon a marble dias in the center of the immense chamber. As you turn your enraptured gaze, upon the massive beast, a long slender neck rises from the polished surface of the white dias and a pair of jewel-like eyes the hue of brilliant sapphires stare back at you, unblinking. You realize that before you, lies a female Golden Dragon, in the prime of her beauty and strength. An immense pair of leathern wings are folded lightly along the creatures flanks. Her smooth hide gleams with a metallic sheen, as the radiant sun-hued glow pulses around her entire form. Abruptly, a voice both immensely powerful, and yet oddly gentle reverberates through the chamber, and the words are maginified by the vaulted ceilings and bare marble floor and walls. "Welcome brave explorer, for you have come to Sunfyre's Cavern." Her eyes begin to glow and swirl with a hypnotic quality, the light deep within them seeming to call your name. You step forward, somehow knowing instinctively that this mighty creature means you no harm. As you reach the edge of the dias, the dragon lowers her head to your eye level, and you find yourself wondering if she'd let you touch her. As if reading your thoughts, as well she might have been, she speaks again, "Whatever you see here, you are free to explore.....and yes, you may touch me, but only ONCE..." There was a firm note of command in her powerful voice as she said this last part. Nodding your head, you hesitantly stretch out hand to rub the end of her long, slender snout. Surprised, your trembling fingers discover her skin to be warm and soft, like running your hand over satin that's been sitting in the sun. Withdrawing reverently, you bow, then step back again, looking around the vast chamber as you do so. You notice that spaced at regular intervals around the cavern's perimeter are dark openings leading to what you assume to be additional chambers, or corridors within the earth. Looking up at the dragon, you point towards one of the entrances at random. Before you manage to speak however, the magnificent creature answers the question in your mind. "You may choose whichever one pleases your fancy, for all paths lead to places of great interest. It is your choice that determines the endless possibilities you'll discover at the end of those corridors." She rose up then on her massive haunches, speading her wings wide to balance herself. The golden glow around her intensified, as she threw back her head and emitted a strangely melodic trill, the music echoing and vibrating in the cavern's immensity. Abruptly as she'd started, the dragon ceased her song, and stretched out a long forearm. In her gleaming talons, she holds a crystal, the size of an orange. It glows with a pulsing, pale-pink light, and seems to swirl inside with shadows that look faintly alive. Placing it upon the polished floor in front of you, she nods her head and you sense that this gift is for you. She spoke for a third time. "The sphere will provide you with illumination on your journey and should you have need of my assistance, just pass your hand three times over its surface, utter my name and I shall find matter where you are." She stretched back out upon the floor after that statement, her sapphire eyes beginning to slide slowly shut once more. You whisper your awed thanks as you bend down to pick up the sphere, being careful not to drop the seemingly delicate object. The crystal is pleasantly warm in your hand and the light pulses in a strange imitation of your own heartbeat, strong and sure. Looking back at the now sleeping dragon, you suddenly realize that she did not tell you her name! Not wishing to wake her however, you turn to walk toward one of the corridor entrances, hoping that you'll not have the need to call upon her aid. As you step under the arch of the passageway's entrance, a soft voice in your mind utters one word: SUNFYRE...............

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