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Craig's Corner

Hi, I'm Craig Parker. Welcome to my website, coming to you from sunny South Africa.

You can also check me out on facebook.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy your stay. Please come back and visit again!

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Firstly, my book of life : News, Views, Photo's, etc.

Inside Track ...

Next, some funnies. I hope you like 'em.

Time Out ...

Coming soon .... some diving & driving stuff.

Out There and Down Under ...

Web Gadgets - Powered by Google...

What's new?

On 11th September 2008, I added the link to my sister Alison's new webpage Kiddie Junction.

On 1st November 2007, I changed my picture on the main page and deleted some of the Google gadgets.

On 5th October 2006, I added the Web Gadgets - cool stuff! Also see the Joke Gadget on the Chuckle Corner page (I take no responsibility for content - mind you). I'm not sure how many jokes this gadget has access to, but I expect (hope?) it has dynamic content and the same jokes won't keep appearing.

On 21st September 2006, three days before - I added the patriotic flavour to this page and reinstated my background which Angelfire had removed from their site (fortunately I had a backup which I uploaded).

On 8th February 2006, I added the Hilarious Headlines section to the Chuckle Corner.

On 27 February 2003, I added some new hilarious commentator's bloopers to the Fun Stuff section of the Chuckle Corner.

On 20 November 2002, I removed the borders from the animated GIF's on this page.

On 12 June 2002, I added a link to Krugie's great new South African website. You should check this out. It has a hoard of great links (both local and international) as well as a great "Whiskey Page"

On 10 April 2002, I updated my email address & some links.

On 4 June 2001, I rearranged this page a bit.

On 2 May 2000, I deleted the Garfield strip to make space for the wedding photos which I added.

On 23 December 1999, I changed and added some of the links on this page and added the 4x4 interest to the page. Also, Alison, you will note some subtle changes to the description of the family photo.

On 6 September 1999, I changed the "Under Construction" icons on some of the linked pages.

On 24 August 1999, I added some details on the "Inside Track" page about the wedding ..... more to come.

On 21 July 1999 I added some news to the Inside Track page, regarding my unexpected overseas trip.

On 8th July 1999, I added this "What's new" section, all these cool coloured bars to separate sections of the web pages, a few more Seinfeld takes and "SOME TIME-HONOURED TRUTHS" to the Chuckle Corner.

I hope you enjoyed the quick whip around my humble layman's attempt at carving out a little corner for us (Esté 'n me) in cyberspace.

Send me some email sometime, just click here


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