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3D Homer This web page is dedicated to the one and only Homer J. Simpson...Homer is the funniest person on the Simpsons and this page is here to honor him.

Here are some of Homer's most famous sayings of all time...

Homer Screaming
Homer saying "Boring"
Homer saying "Woohoo!!!"
Homer saying "Doh"
English....who needs that
Drunk Homer Seducing Marg
"Where's the anykey?"
Alright Brain...
"Bart, kiss my hairy yellow butt!!"
Mmmm invisible cola...
"I manged to solve a little problem today."
"Is T.V. Guide a book?"
"Uh, excuse me Professor Brainiac..."
"Are you both toilet trained?"
"Don't you ever get tired of being wrong??"
No T.V. and No beer...
Heeere's Johnny!!!
"I've gone back to time when..."
"I can't hear myself think."
"Donuts is their anything they can't do?"
"Ahh, I can feel three kinds of softness..."
I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down.
"Hey Goober!! Where's the meat?""
"Kiss my curvy butt gooodbye."
"I am so smart, SMRT, I mean SMART."
Mr. Plow Theme Song
"Mmmm spaghetti"
"Mmmmm Something"
Hey, if you don't like it, go to Russia
The fly was funny and the booger was the icing on the cake
Permit me to solve the mystery
Yeah, but what you gonna do...
Barney give me the keys you're too drunk to drive.
Under the Sea....
"I'm Mr. Burns, blah, blah, blah."
"I can't even say the word titmouse without giggling like a little school girl."
"All my life, I've been an obese man trapped in a fat man's body."
Here are your messages...
"Oh but I'm so sweet and tasty..."
There was a little Spanish flea...