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Bottles & Stuff to interest Beaders

This is a new item, that I'm really excited about! A display for showing off your craft items for sale. It measures:

7 3/8" wide
5" tall
Front tray - 1.5" deep
Back tray - 2" deep

It forms two pockets to show off loose items! Display your 28 gram tubes of beads! I'm selling these for about half what you'd normally pay. So hurry, because when they're gone, they're gone! $ 12.95 each Two or more 12.00 each.
1/2 dram amber glass with screw cap..............$ .65 12mm X 35mm (These are sooo cute! )
1 dram bottles with screw top in amber or clear..... .60

10 X 75 mm clear flint culture tubes w/cork ...... .45 each

Wood needle case ... .75 each
Wooden Flutes for beading! Aprox. 13 1/2" long ... .85 each
or $8.50 per dozen
Assorted amber and clear bottles for beading.... some smaller, some larger for .75 each.

9 Sectioned Porcelin dishes for seed beads! .... 7.95 each or 2 for 15.00

3 Inch Brass Caliper......... 6.95 each

Plastic Caliper won't scratch soft gems...... 2.50 each

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