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welcome to the web site of some band you've pRobably neveR even heaRd of befoRe. isn't it gReat to be heRe? well, hold on tight and get Ready to Roll oveR youR 401k. you'Re about to become indiffeRent.


if foR some stRange Reason you feel the need to contact us, you can Reach us at

these guys have us listed on theiR site.

and so do these guys.

these guys aRe Really cool, with an awesome paRk.

this place has been nothing but supeR geneRous to us.

these guys aRe a ton of fun at shows. both when they'Re playing and when we aRe. thanks guys foR being so cool.

these guys aRe ouR fRiends. yes, we have some. sixtyfouR

this is tom's website foR his comic. if you like comics check this out. the myth of 8-opus

this Radio station has been playing ouR stuff. wmkp: the RoaR

this is wheRe we got ouR cds made.. diskfaktory

sign my guestbook, if you'Re not to chicken. come on chicken...buck buck buck. you scaRed little giRl, huh?
Guestbook by GuestWorld
i'm to much of a wussy to sign it, but i will look at it. oh please don't huRt me!