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Episode Guide

1.1 Jeeves' Arrival- Aunt Agatha instructs Bertie to marry Honoria Glossop, however, Bertie has a scheme to set Honoria up with his old chum Bingo Little.

1.2 Golf Tournament-After Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps takes Bertie to the cleaners in a round of golf, Bertie enlists the help of Bobby Wickham to get even with Barmy. Meanwhile, Mackintosh, Aunt Agatha's dog is given away to a Broadway producer, and Bertie has to deal with Tuppy's fascination with Cora Bellinger, an opera singer.

1.3 The Gambling Event-Uncle George has fallen hard for a waitress, and Aunt Agatha instructs Bertie to pay the girl off. Later, on a trip to Twing Hall, Bertie forms a gambling syndicate against the wishes of Lady Wickhammersley. There, he, Bingo, and Jeeves start to look toward the Boy's and Girl's Potato Race and the Mother's Sack Race.

1.4 Hunger Strike-At the wishes of Aunt Dahlia, Bertie must give prizes at Market Snodsbury, unless he can get Gussie Fink-Nottle a helping hand with his romancing of Madeline Bassett

1.5 The Matchmaker-Both Bertie and Jeeves slip something a little stronger into Gussie's orange juice to solve his problems with Madeline. Gussie then goes to the school to present prizes. To stop the whole fiasco, Bertie pulls the fire alarm.

2.1 Jeeves Saves the Cow Creamer-After Bertie ruins his Uncle Tom's chances of buying a silver cow creamer, Bertie is sent to Sir Watkyn Bassett's Totleigh Towers to steal the cow creamer, and all the normal hijinks ensue.

2.2 A Plan for Gussie-Gussie becomes more selfconfident after writing nasty thoughts about Spode and Sir Watkyn Bassett in a notebook. However, he loses the notebook and everyone and his brother seem to recover the notebook at one time.

2.3 Pearls Mean Tears-Aunt Agatha wants Bertie to marry a girl named Aline Hemingway. Until both her pearls and the Hemingway pearls disappear. Meanwhile, Biffy Biffen is engaged, to whom, he has no idea, so Bertie and Jeeves try and help him regain his memory.

2.4 Jeeves in the Country-After Bertie's trombone playing drives Jeeves to distraction, he gives his notice and begins work for Chuffy Chufnell, a fellow in the village who is trying to sell Chufnell Hall to Pa Stoker so he can marry Stoker's daughter, Pauline.

2.5 Kidnapped-Pauline is being followed by a strange man, so she begs Bertie to act as her bodyguard. Meanwhile, Pa Stoker hires Sir Roderick Glossop to run Chufnell hall as a sanitorium.

2.6 Jeeves the Matchmaker-Bertie wants a child. However, as Jeeves reminds him, he needs a wife first, prompting Bertie to woo Bobby Wickham again. Meanwhile, Tuppy and Bingo are both in love. Complications such as flower pots, rugby matches, and public speaking.

3.1 Bertie Sets Sail-Bertie travels to America to avoid Honoria Glossop and Aunt Agatha. However, he's forced to look after Wilmot Malvern, a mother's boy. Tuppy is also off to New York, to become an automobile importer. As Wilmot goes wild in the nightclub scene of New HYork, Tuppy's import plan falls apart. It seems the steering wheels are on the wrong side!

3.2 The Full House-Bertie's friend Rocky is forced into the city by his aunt against his wishes. Rocky brings Jeeves in who writes fake letters to Rocky's aunt. Bertie's other friend, a city dweller named Biffy is being sent to Colorado. Jeeves suggests another plan which works well until respective relatives show up.

3.3 Introduction on Broadway-Cyril Bassington-Bassington is sent by Aunt Agatha for Bertie to keep an eye on. Under no circumstances is Cyril allowed in the theater. However, Bertie never gets these instructions and Cyril gets a part in "Ask Dad!", so Bertie tours the US with the show. Meanwhile, an artist named Corky needs Jeeves help to convince his uncle he found a suitable girl, a plan which works too well.

3.4 Right Ho, Jeeves- After Gussie is arrested for being in the Trafalgar fountain, Bertie takes his place to woo Madeline Bassett, while Gussie must masquerade as Bertie Wooster in order to gain favor with Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright's fiance Gertrude Winkworth.

3.5 Hot Off the Presses-Sir Watkyn Bassett's memoirs are being written and Bertie is contracted to steal them by everyone from his fiance Lady Florence Craye to Madeline Bassett.

3.6 Comrade Bingo-Bingo wears a beard and pretends to be a Bolshevik to win favor with a girl, while Aunt Dahlia turns Bertie into an art thief to get a writer to publish her latest piece in Milady's Boudoir.

4.1 Return to New York- Bertie falls in love with an artist and comissions her to paint a portrait of Aunt Agatha. Tuppy's back in New York too, trying to sell recipes for soup to Slingsby's Soups. After Lucius Pim takes up at Bertie's following a car wreck, and Claude and Eustace show up, Jeeves intercedes with his usual master plan.

4.2 Lady Florence Craye Arrives in New York-Bertie finds himself in business as he tries to arrange a meeting between two tycoons. Meanwhile, Stilton Cheesewright thinks Bertie is pursuing his future wife, Lady Florence Craye.

4.3 Honoria Glossop Turns Up-Bertie thinks it's time to leave New York as Honoria Glossop and her parents show up. He helps Blaire Egleston try to win Honoria's heart. But did Bertie go to far? Also: Bingo falls for yet another waitress.

4.4 Arrested in a Night Club-Bertie grows a mustache and Lady Florene pays more attention to him, infuriating her bethroed Stilton Cheesewright. Dahlia asks for Jeeves' help to get back a pearl necklace she sold.

4.5 Totleigh Towers-Hijinks ensue at Totleigh Towers as a rare African artifact is believed to be cursed by the inmates of the house.

4.6 The Ex's are Nearly Married Off-The Ganymede Club Book, the book where valets place thoughts about their masters has ben stolen!! Meanwhile, the wedding between Roderick Spode and Madeline Bassett keeps getting delayed.

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