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Welcome to the Pimp Daddies home page! At the Pimp Daddies home page we are set out to make Pimps and Hoes feel at home!

Book mark The Pimp Daddies now!

Stop pondering, kick back, take off your shoes and enjoy the page! Sure does look like Homer is enjoying The Pimp Daddies

I often hear, "I want to be a Pimp Daddy, but I do not know what I need!" Well, The Pimp Daddies home page is here to tell you what you need for the world of modern day Pimping! Step this way to learn what you need to be a Pimp in the modern world!

"I want to know some Pimp terms, but there are no true Pimps around! Can you help me?" The Pimp Daddies home page has a wide selection of Pimp terms for usuage with your customers! Click here to learn the Pimp terms

Ever get slapped because of what you said about/to a Hoe? The Pimp Daddies now offers a solution to your problems! The Pimp Daddies home page give you usage terms when talking about/to a Hoe! Click here to learn the usuage terms

Updated! ¡Hola mis amigos y amigas! ¿No sabes español? Do not know what that means? Well, follow this link to the Spanish/English terms! You can use these on those Spanish hoes you have or your Spanish customers. You Can also use these terms for people who do not speak Spanish, just to make them mad! ¡Quiero aprender español! Click here!

NEW!!! Another great help for the Pimps that enjoy The Pimp Daddies home page. This will help you on how to get some photos of hoes. Just click HERE to find out.

"I got all the stuff and the terms that I need to be a Pimp, but I can't get any Hoes! What do I do?" What you do is listen to The Pimp Daddies home page, we will try our best to help you bag a Hoe! I want to learn! Click here

Want to get lucky with that Hoe? Follow this link to the get lucky turtles, a good luck charm for all the pimps! All you have to do is click and rub your screen, you will always get lucky! Let me rub the Turtle! Please

Want to see what every Pimp dreams of? Got you wondering? Click here to view a Pimp's dream

New! Do you and the Hoe have a pager? The Pimp Daddies has a new way of sending numeric messages! Click here to go learn how to send numeric messages!

"Who should I look up to as a Pimp?" Well, The Pimp Daddies selects a Pimp ever week! I want to view who the Pimp of the Week is!

"I am a Hoe, and I want to see who is the best Hoes around!" The Pimp Daddies home page now offers the Hoe of the Week! I want to view the Hoe of the Week

Pimps: The Pimp Daddies home page is coming up with something new, to learn about our new project, Step this way

Hoes: The Pimp Daddies home page is coming up with something new, to learn about our new project, Step this way

You want to be the coolest Pimp or Hoe around well Click here to sign The Pimp Daddies guestbook!

New!You want to talk with Pimps from around the world? Then, join the chat room, The Pimp Daddies! In the chat room you will be able to talk with other Pimps and Hoes from around the globe, so Click here to learn more and to go chat!!

Want to go to the top Pimpish sites on the internet? Well, visit this page and The Pimp Daddies home page will take you off to Pimp Land! Click here to be off to the Pimpish sites

Attention Pimps and Hoes!: If you have any problems on anything please contact me!

What do you think of the page? I want to know! E-mail me on your questions, comments, or you just want to say Hi!

Thanks for Your Support!

Master Pimp Big AL

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