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On the Eve of War ~~ March 19, 2003

Lady Liberty, where are you
Now when we need you most?
Justice tempered with mercy,
Protecting the huddled masses
Yearning to be free...
Who Are We
To prosecute the victims
To terrorize the children
To kill the suffering
And bomb the dead...
Where Is Your Head
Mr. President?

Here goes our Army
Our Air Force, Marines and tanks
With bombs that can only
Destroy dear Mother Earth.
Who uses so much explosive
When you claim to not want to kill
The innocents, those civilians
If those bombs don't, What Will?

George!  Wake Up!!
Your country is calling,
Is pleading and begging
In the streets by the millions -
Stop the Madness,
Don't Invade!
You can't change Countries this way.

The Media is blatting prepackaged crap
Propaganda to mess with our minds
For the sole purpose to create fear --

A fearful population
Will not question
A massive march to war
To free a fearful population
Who cannot question
As war marches through their door.

I apologize
My country knows not what they do
I'm sorry for your sorrow
That arrives on the morrow
I wish that I could help you...
For You've suffered enough
these past 20 years,
Sorry my country is adding to fears.

So Lady Liberty, what can we do?
How can we change the current world view?
Once a great country
Defender of the weak,
Now a great bully
In whom no justice can we seek.

Lift your lamp high and proud
And guide us with your light
To make our voices ring out loud
And help us do what's right.

Beth Coulter