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The great black horse racing through my mind,

Expanding space, denying time

Keeping me awake,

not allowing me to sleep

Head keeps pounding--wish I could weep

Sleeplessness, Tearlessness

Bells in my head

My heart starts to pound as I head for bed

"No-Go back-Don't climb up the stairs,

You'll stay awake absorbed by your cares."

Thus says the Black Horse

As he denies me my rest, makes my thoughts race,

He does his best

to keep me awake,

Not allow me to sleep, not to clear my mind--

Wish I could weep.


Gone without rest for four long days,

He'll keep me awake as long as he stays.

Go away Black Horse, Please leave my head-

No torture, no longer, Let's go to bed-

Let's go to sleep--Perhaps shall we dream?

"Of course," says the horse, "and then you shall scream,

You'll scream through the dark and then wake the dead-

That's what you'll get for going to bed!"

So awake I shall stay,

Damn that Black Horse!

He wins this battle as a matter of course

But will he win always or shall I succeed

In getting some sleep--what must I concede?

I'll give him his due, he's done his best,

Robbed me of sleep, denied me my rest.

Awake against time--how can this be bad?

I'll just go insane instead of just sad.