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An ion that lowers mash/wort pH.

Cane Sugar
Sucrose obtained from sugar cane.

Caramel Malt
A sweet, coppery malt which imparts both color and flavor to beer. Gives a golden color and a nutlike flavor to beer. Used frequently in darker ales. Also called crystal malt.

Carbon Filtration
In homebrewing, the dechlorination of a water source by use of a carbon filter.

To inject or dissolve carbon dioxide gas in beer.

(1) Carbon dioxide gas dissolved in a liquid. (2) The process of dissolving carbon dioxide gas in a liquid.

5 or 6-1/2 gallon glass bottle with a narrow opening on top. Properly cleaned, carboys can be used as primary or secondary fermenters.

Cask Ale
Ale conditioned in the cask -- unpasteurized draft ale which completes its maturation in the pub cellar as opposed to pasteurized, filtered and chilled kegged ale. Served at room temperature.

Cask Conditioned/Bottle Conditioned
Beer with the yeast left in the brew to complete the fermentation in the cask or bottle.

Chill haze
Cloudiness in the beer from coagulated protiens.

An ion that imparts a sweet finish to beer.

Can be used as a sterilizing agent in homebrewing.

Theese contribute an unpleasant taste and smell.Contributed to chlorine based cleaners.

Chocolate Malt
Similar to black malt but roasted to a lesser, chocolate-brown color.

A vat in which brewers' grain is soaked.

A fresh impression with a good balance between the various elements.

A condition not normal for beer except in bottled beer where yeast is added at bottling. This brewing practice adds additional fermentation and depth of character.


Cold Break
The precipitation of protein and tannin material to a fine coagulum during the cooling stage. Also: Haziness caused by protein matter which must be strained after the cooling process.

The process of carbonating beer.

Conditioning Tank
An airtight tank in which a beer's secondary fermentation occurs.

The wort is cooled to the desired temperature for starting fermentation in a holding tank or whirlpool.

An ion that is a vital yeast nutrient at low levels but that can poison yeast at high levels.

Craft Beers
Beers made by small, independent brewers with only traditional brewing ingredients such as malt, hops, yeast and water, and brewed with traditional brewing methods.

Cream Ale
An American style, blending pale golden, mild, light-bodied ale and lager. Priming with DME is another way to achieve this texture.

When all taste characteristics are well-defined, a beer is said to be in balance.

Crystal Malt
Synonym for caramel malt.

The last step in floor malting, when the grain is heated to fully develop flavor and color.

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