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Electrical & Electronics

This web site is created for the enjoyment and education of anyone that possesses an interest in the intriguing fields of Electricity and Electronics. Whether you are an engineer, electrician, technician, student or an interested novice, it is my hope and desire that you will find this site to be both educational and enjoyable.

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Ohm's Law Calculator, Electrical Conversions & Equations
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DISCLAIMER: Every effort is taken in order to maintain accuracy in the information contained within this web site. However, the author of this site shall not be held liable for the use of the information or of its consequences. Although all of the information is believed to be accurate you are encouraged to consult other sources for additional information or clarification. If you are a student your instructor may have very specific terminology that is required to be used for your particular field of study and therefore you should consult your textbooks and study notes for that information. It is my hope that this site will be both educational and beneficial to those of you who use it. I welcome your comments and suggestions in regards to this site. Thanks for visiting!
Henry J. Bacon