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Awards Jordan's Site Has Received

Here is the very first award Jordan's site won. It was given to my by my wonderful friend, Gloria. Please visit Gloria's site Still to be Born . Thank you so much for the beautiful award.

The second award I received was from a very kind, loving mother-to-be named Ashley. She and I have never even met, but my story touched her in a way that she created this beautiful award for us. Thank you so much Ashley...I am proud to display such a loving, touching award on Jordan's site. Please click on the image below to go to Ashley's site of awards.

These awards are from a contest I entered on AOL. Thank you Lynn and everyone else involved in the contest for these wonderful awards. To enter the contest, click on one of the awards and follow the instructions at their site.

The following awards were so graciously given to me from a contest I was elected to be in on the Angels of the Net webring. Thank you to everyone who voted for my site. I am proud to display these beautiful awards on my website.

This award was presented to me from Nathaniel's mother, Delynn. I am honored to display this loving award on my site as I am only the second person ever to receive it! Thank you so much Delynn, I absolutely love it.