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You Know You're A Major Anastasia Fan When...

67. You're on the verge of bankruptcy because of all the Anastasia merchandise you've bought at eBay.

66. You know exactly how many times Rasputin falls apart during the movie.

65. Instead of building a sand castle, the last time you went to the beach you built a sand sculpture of Dimitri.

64. You've dyed your hair red...or seriously considered doing it.

63. When trying to catch up with someone, you yell "Dimitri! Dimitri, wait!!"

62. You've bookmarked nearly every Anastasia page on the Internet.

61. You know more about Anastasia's family than you know about your own.

60. You've suddenly developed an interest in the Russian ballet.

59. You've ever watched the movie frame-by-frame to catch every second of "the good parts"

58. Your room looks like a shrine to the Romanovs.

57. You've developed an unexplained allergy to dogs.

56. You can't function in the morning until you hear "Learn to Do It"

55. You've seen Anastasia on Ice more than eight times.

54. You dressed as Anastasia for Halloween and forced your best friend to go dressed as Pooka.

53. You can sing all the songs from the movie word-for-word - in pig latin.

52. You think it's a crime that Dimitri didn't win an Oscar for "Cutest Character in an Animated Film".

51. You bought Anastasia chapstick and/or bubble bath.

50. You had to buy another copy of the soundtrack because you wore out the first one.

49. You know more about the Romanovs than your history teacher ever will.

48. You're planning a trip to Paris just so you can go to Chanel and get one of those awesome dresses.

47. You've caught yourself humming "Once Upon a December" while waiting at the supermarket checkout.

46. You have "Anya" or "Dimitri" somewhere in your e-mail address.

45. You accidentally called your least favorite teacher "Rasputin".

44. Your room is over-flowing with Anastasia merchandise.

43. You know where Uncle Boris was from.

42. You know Uncle Boris's middle name.

41. Your AOL screen name is "ILuvDimitri" or something to that effect.

40. You spent a fortune at Burger King when they had Anastasia toys.

39. When your dad asked where you wanted to go on vacation you said Russia.

38. You've written to all the teen magazines telling them to replace the 'N Sync and BSB posters with Dimitri posters.

37. Your friends have started calling you Anya.

36. You've read the Anastasia novel so many times that it has begun to fall apart worse than Rasputin.

35. You've started speaking with a noticeable Russian accent.

34. You've learned to play "Journey to the Past" on your flute.

33. Your first daughter is going to be named Anastasia.

32. Your last Creative Writing assignment was titled "Ode to Pooka".

31. You've woken up from nightmares screaming "The Romanov Curse! The Romanov Curse!"

30. You have pictures from Anastasia in your school locker or in your wallet.

29. You've written to Don Bluth begging for a sequel.

28. You've written Don Bluth love letters.

27. There are Anastasia band aids in your family's medicine cabinet.

26. Your room is wallpapered with pictures of Dimitri.

25. You've written a book - Dimitri for Dummies

24. Your bookshelf is filled with books on the Romanovs.

23. You can't sleep at night unless you've read at least three fan fics that day.

22. You've done #47, #31, #25, #16 or #15 and #1 more than once.

21. You asked a local pet store owner if he could get you an albino fruit bat.

20. You've dedicated part of your website (or all of it in my case!) to the movie.

19. Your family rented a boat for a peaceful day at the lake and you tried to jump off it, hoping Dimitri would come save you.

18. You bought one of the coloring books telling the cashier it was for your baby sister's birthday when it was really for you.

17. You saw the movie so many times that the ticket-taker at the theater knew you by name.

16. Guys: You've accidentally called your girlfriend "Anya".

15. Girls: You've accidentally called your boyfriend "Dimitri".

14. You've decided to change your last name to "Romanov".

13. You've incorporated quotes from the movie ("Men are such babies", for example) into your everyday vocabulary.

12. You know all the words to all the songs by heart.

11. You've vowed never to watch a Disney movie again.

10. You put "Pooka" or "Sophie" down as an answer on a history test.

9. You hunt the mall for guys who are Dimitri look-a-likes.

8. You cut class on April 28, 1998 so you could be first to buy the video.

7. You've now seen every movie that John Cusack has ever made.

6. Your notes from science class don't contain any notes, just sketches of Anastasia characters.

5. You named your guinea pig Vladimir.

4. You have an idea for a new television show - The Anya Files.

3. Two words: Leo who?

2. You're considering taking Russian as a foreign language. (Who needs to learn Spanish anyway?)

1. You sat in the electronics department of Sears for an hour and a half because they were showing the movie on all the big screen tvs.

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