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Anastasia Bookstore

If you like to read, you've come to the right place - the Anastasia bookstore! Click on the title of a book for the price and ordering information. You can also use the search engine at the bottom of the page to find other books or, if you're a Disney fan, be sure to check out the Disney bookstore. Happy reading!

Anastasia: The Movie Novel Anastasia: The Movie Novel
The romantic story of a lost princess, a grieving grandmother, and an evil mystic, and the end of the Russian royal family is told in a movie adaptation for older readers.
Anastasia: The Art, the Animation, the Movie
A tribute to Fox Animation Studio's feature-length animated film debut, The Art of Anastasia provides an inside look at the spectacular artwork of Anastasia. The Art of Anastasia takes a peek behind the scenes at the history and artistry of the film. Interviews with the producers, directors, key members of the development team, the composer, lyricist, artists, and animators are augmented with the history and the myth surrounding the real Romanov family as well as the history of the film's artistic influences, story development, and technology. (See the bottom of the page for the paperback edition of this book.)
My Anastasia Memory Book
Inspired by the movie, this keepsake volume is the perfect place for readers to record all of their special thoughts and memories about family, friends, and favorite things such as books, colors, foods, and movies.
Quest for Anastasia
An attempt to unravel the mystery of just what happened to all the members of the Russian royal family in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. A must for Russian history buffs or people interested in the true story behind the film.
My Anastasia Musical Diary
Young readers can write down their secrets in this beautifully designed blank page diary featuring a musical chip that plays the haunting movie melody, "Once upon a December, " every time it's opened.
Anastasia: Classic Edition
Tastefully designed, this storybook edition of Anastasia presents a dramatic adaptation of the movie story with a gift-book look that's sure to appeal to all Anastasia fans. All the memorable characters from 20th Century Fox's animated film are together again in this beautifully illustrated classic created for moviegoers of any age.
Introducing Anastasia & Friends
Meet the movie characters in this attractive index to the cast of Anastasia. The book features eight profiles, including the heroine, her new friends Dimitri and Vladimir, and the villains Rasputin and his comical sidekick Bartok, the bat.
Anastasia Goes to a Party
As an orphan, Anya wished that things could change in an instant. In this wonderful changing-scenes pull-tab book they really do! Follow along as she and her grandmother Marie go shopping, dine out and prepare to attend an elegant ball in her honor. Share in her joy as the world changes before her very eyes!
Princess Anastasia
Every young girl dreams of being a princess. Imagine living in a world of glittering crowns and gala balls. Anya, an orphan girl with no memory of her past, wants all of this, too. But even more than that she dreams of being part of a family.
Lyrical text and lush, full-color illustrations recall Anya's quest to find that family as seen in the 20th Century Fox animated film Anastasia. Meet all of the wonderful characters who help make each and every one of her dreams come true.

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