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Anastasia Quotes

Rasputin: I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov line forever!

Young Dimitri: Come this way! Out the servants' quarters!

Dowager Empress Marie: So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone forever. And my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild, I never saw her again.

Anya: I am grateful. Grateful to get away!

Anya: Whoever gave me this necklace must have loved me.

Anya: Send me a sign. A hint! Anything!

Anya: I don't have time to play right now, ok? I'm waiting for a sign.

Anya: Oh great. A dog wants me to go to St. Petersburg.

Anya: This's like a memory from a dream.

Dimitri: Vlad, do you see what I see?

Anya: Are you Dimitri?
Dimitri: Perhaps. It all depends on who's looking for him.

Anya (to Dimitri): What were you, a vulture in another life?

Vladimir (holding Pooka): Oh, who is this here? Ooh, ooh he likes me!

Dimitri: That's...perfect.

Anya: Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Anastasia?

Anya: Dimitri! Dimitri, wait!
Dimitri: Did you call me?

Anya: Pooka, we are going to Paris!

Bartok: Okay, okay, I get the message! Enough already with the glowing and the smoke, people!

Bartok: Oww! I tell you what...oww!

Bartok (holding Rasputin's eye): Whoa! That fell right out there, sir.

Barok: Is this the face of a bat who would lie to you?

Rasputin: Dasvidanya Anya, your grace!

Dimitri: So the mutt gets the window seat.

Anya: Dimitri, do you really think I'm royalty?
Dimitri: You know I do.
Anya: Then stop bossing me around!
Vladimir: She certainly has a mind of her own.
Dimitri: Yeah, I hate that in a woman.

Vladimir: Oh no. An unspoken attraction?
Dimitri: ATTRACTION!?! To that skinny little brat, have you lost your mind?!?!

Anya: Oh, sorry! I thought you were someone else...oh it's you. Well that's ok then.
Dimitri: I think you broke my nose!
Anya: Men are such babies.

Dimitri: What do they teach you in those orphanages?

Dimitri: Hand me the chain...Not you!
Anya: Vlad's busy at the moment!

Dimitri (to Anya): If we live through this, remind me to thank you.

Dimitri: We're going to have to jump.
Anya: Did you say "jump"? After you!

Bartok: I'd give her a HA! and a HI-YA! and a OUU-WA! And I'd kick her, sir.

Anya: Is this a person or a cream puff?

Anya: Show up, yes. Look nice, fine. But lie?

Anya: Look at me, Dimitri! I'm not exactly Grand Duchess material here!

Anya: I see a skinny little nobody with no past...and no future.

Vladmir (to Anya) : There's nothing left for you there, my dear. Everything is in Paris.

Dimitri: Here, I bought you a dress.
Anya: You bought me a...tent.
Dimitri: What are you looking for?
Anya: The Russian Circus, I think it's still in here!

Bartok (to Rasputin): But you're dead! You're falling apart! How do you expect to get to Paris in one piece?

Anya: There was a boy, a boy who worked in the palace. He opened a wall...

Dimitri: She's the real thing, Vlad.

Dimitri: Princesses don't marry kitchen boys.

Empress Marie: Why the change of mind?
Dimitri: It was more a change of heart.

Anastasia (to Rasputin): I am not afraid of you!

Bartok: You're on your own, sir! This can only end in tears!

Rasputin: Say your prayers Anastasia! No one can save you now!
Dimitri: Wanna bet!?

Anastasia: This is for Dimitri! This is for my family! And this...this is for you! Dasvidanya!

Sophie: It's a perfect ending!
Emperess Marie: No, it's a perfect beginning.

Meg Ryan (voice of Anya) about Anya: "What I liked about her was that she was sassy and fiery, an independent spirit. She took a great risk and went towards the things she was afraid of. She had a dream of belonging and of being loved...and this is just an animated character! Through her journey she discovers not only her family, but the best within herself."

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