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Frederick Carter A.R.E. 1885-1967

Frederick Carter (1883-1967) This mystic/painter worked with Henry Miller and D.H.Lawrence in the 1920's and 1930's.

Lawrence's last book, Apocalypse, published posthumously in 1931, began as an introduction to Carter's book Dragon of Revelation. Apparently Carter had sent his manuscript to Lawrence in New Mexico, suggesting a collaborative work. Lawrence was fascinated by Carter's work and visited in him in Shropshire upon his return to England. He and Carter's ideas diverged in so far as Carter's frame of reference was more astrological/magical, whereas Lawrence, judging by his letters to Carter, was calling for a much broader, cosmos-centered philosophical approach.

Carter published Dragon of the Alchemists in 1926 (London, Elkin Mathews, Ltd.) and then published it with some differences in 1932 as Dragon of Revelation(London: Denis Archer). Arthur Machen wrote the introduction for the 1926 edition and it is available online at Banger's Place:

It was Carter who introduced Lawrence to the mysterious realms of symbolism and astrology. Carter traveled in obscure circles, a close friend and associate of well-known occultists of the day such as Aleister Crowley, Arthur Machen, and Austin Osman Spare. He collaborated most closely with Spare, co-editing the journal Form with Spare under the pseudonym Francis Marsden, published several collaborative pieces with Spare in the magazine, and wrote an introduction to Spare's 1921 book The Focus of Life. His etchings and illustrations decorate nearly a half a dozen books published at the time on the fringes of the creative disciplines, and of course serve as the foundation for his own books, published between 1926 and 1932.

According to the Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950, Carter had been trained and began work as a civil engineer and a surveyor before he took up art, studying in Paris, Antwerp, and London. In 1910-1916 and again in 1922 he was elected A.R.E. (Associate of the Royal Society of Etchers and Engravers). Between 1922 and 1927 he taught etching at the Liverpool School of Art, where he himself had once studied under Sir Frank Short.

Current Carter resources:

Bibliography of all works written by or attributed to Frederick Carter (either in his own name or under pseudonyms).

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Recent scholarship by Holly Hofmann is posted online at W.E. Ashley's Miller site.

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