Here are some sounds from a bunch of sources, some movies, the Tony's and the Cabaret cd, which you can order Here online. It's an Awesome show. If you have any sound file you think should be included, please drop me a line! More to Come Soon!

Note note Note: My links are broken, but the adresses are correct... if you cut/paste the addies into your browser drirectional dealy, you'll be all sett. sorry.

*Oh and BTW: I personally taped these, transferred, converted and uploaded these sounds, so ask before you use them on your homepage, otherwise i know someone who can and will rip your arms off and beat you w/ them... :) *


"Who's There?"
"heh" from Money
another damn Money clip, lovely all the same though
"i don't know where to begin!"


---Creepy Sean Walsh
What every girl(or guy) wants to hear...
Wait, i was wrong, this is what everyone wants to hear

Tony's: (real voice baby!)

This is so adorable! He messed up in rehearsal for Cabaret...
Comments on why practice makes perfect!
Alan's Exceptance speech!! its a big file, but really worth it!!! It's all fixed now!! :)
Stop what you're doing and download this file... Just do it... now!